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Fifth graders edit a story.  In this nouns lesson, 5th graders learn about common and proper nouns and how each noun is used.  Students use what they've learned to edit their papers looking for character names and specific places.
The class works to recognize capitalization of proper nouns and proper adjectives. They rewrite sentences and groups of words needing capital letters, correct capitalization mistakes, fill in the blanks using words from a box, and review and assess knowledge. There are 34 answers total.
Students examine the use of nouns, common nouns, and proper nouns. They identify examples of each type of noun, in small groups locate as many proper nouns in a magazine or newspaper, and write a short story using at least ten common and five proper nouns.
For this grammar worksheet, 4th graders read the definitions of both common and proper nouns. They write proper nouns using a capital letter at the beginning, underline proper nouns in sentences, complete sentences with a proper noun, and answer multiple choice questions on an assessment page.
Students are divided into groups. Each group is given a different colored marker or crayon and a piece of chart paper. Students are given 5 minutes to write on the chart all the proper nouns they can come up with. At the end 5 minutes the groups rotate and contribute to the list.
For this common and proper nouns worksheet, students practice their grammar skills as they respond to 10 multiple choice questions and 1 short answer question.
Students expand their knowledge of the definition of a proper noun. They also realize that capital letters are used at the beginning of proper nouns. They are explained what a proper noun is: proper nouns put names to faces; They're used for people, pets and for places. If students are writing about Ben the red setter, the name of the dog starts with a capital letter. Students are asked to add capital letters to the proper nouns in the story.
In this common and proper nouns worksheet, students underline the 3 nouns in each sentences and label them with a c or a p for common or proper. Students underline nouns for 10 sentences.
In these common and proper activity nouns worksheets, students review the definitions for common and proper nouns and complete three pages of activities to help identify and use the nouns.
Sixth graders brainstorm and write common nouns beginning with a given letter, then using one word from the list write as many proper nouns for that word, correctly capitalized.  For this proper nouns and capitalization lesson, 6th graders use playing cards to select the initial letter for their list of words.  Students work alone, or compete in groups.
Third graders study correct usage of common and proper nouns. They identify nouns around the classroom and complete a poem using nouns. They work in pairs to identify nouns they found and compare them. They share their poems with the class.
In this capitalization of proper nouns, proper adjectives, and I learning exercise, students review capitalization rules and respond to 15 fill in the blank and short answer questions.
In this spelling unit worksheet, students explore nouns, proper nouns, reference materials, and action verbs as they study the 72 words listed and complete a variety of activities using the words correctly.
In this proper nouns skills practice worksheet, students respond to 10 short answer questions that require them to identify proper nouns with the correct capitalization.
In this common and proper nouns learning exercise, students label nouns as either being common or proper. Students complete this for 10 nouns and write 6 of their own.
In this ESL proper nouns worksheet, students write a proper noun beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
In this grammar worksheet, students underline common nouns, double underline proper nouns, and circle pronouns in sentences about ninjas. Students complete this for 20 sentences total.
In this proper nouns worksheet, students circle the proper nouns that need to be capitalized and write them correctly from the paragraph. Students complete this for 8 proper nouns.
In this vocabulary instructional activity, students write a proper noun starting with each letter of the alphabet. The example given for the letter A includes "Argentina."
In this proper nouns learning exercise, students practice their grammar skills as they fill in the blanks with proper nouns for each letter of the alphabet.

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