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First the class discusses how character or personality traits relate to career choices. They identify their own traits, research career clusters, and look for ads hiring in those target areas. They research job ads to determine what education or experience they need to land the job of their dreams.
Seventh graders investigate the role of local governments. In this government instructional activity, 7th graders examine historical photographs and determine what services are being performed in the photographs. Students research how the services are provided now and write persuasive pieces.
Sixth graders take on the role of social welfare systems in the European Union. In this European Union (EU) lesson, 6th graders discover social programs in the EU and compare them to the social programs in the United States.
Learners read and discusss the Preamble of our Constitution. In small groups, they discuss government agencies and taxation. They examine the role of the Environmental Protection Agency and explain that our taxes pay for these services.
Twelfth graders identify different agencies or institutions where bilingual skills are required. They explain how these agencies and institutions assist the Spanish-speaking population in the local area.
Students prioritize and match possible careers with their interests, skills, and values based on self assessments. After completing a series of checklists and evaluations on interests and abilities, students research their top choice of a career and create a product displaying information they have gathered.
Eighth graders create career portfolios, speak with the school counselor, and develop and educational plan. Individually, 8th graders discuss career options and how an educational plan can assist them in future goals. They explore various job markets and describe vocabulary words.

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