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In this United Nations Day worksheet, students complete activities such as read the passage, match the phrases, fill in the blanks, choose the correct word, multiple choice fill in, correct the spelling, put text in correct order, unscramble the sentences, take a survey, and write all about United Nations Day. Students complete 12 activities.
Download a reading and have learners follow along on a transcript about Labor Day. A series of worksheets follow that include matching, filling in blanks, and unscrambling word spellings. An online multiple choice activity is also embedded. This is an applicable and complete resource for coming back to school in the fall, and would be particularly beneficial to English language learners.
For this grammar worksheet, students study, research and locate the ten countries that fit the descriptive traditional modals described in detail associated with Christmas and deduction.
In this language skills worksheet, students read an article about Good Friday. Students respond to 6 matching questions, 29 fill in the blank questions, 30 multiple choice questions, 12 word scramble questions, 30 short answer questions, 1 graphic organizer question, and 1 essay question regarding the content of the article.
Learners who love the United Kingdom can hone their research skills by employing the Internet to find the answers to theses trivia questions. These questions all have to do with the United Kingdom. There are 25 questions in all.
For this ESL Halloween worksheet, students read a passage, answer 10 comprehension questions and find information in the text about Halloween's origin and its traditions.
Young scholars explore two major feasts of Islam. They discuss the day of Idul-al-fitr. Students discuss the importance of the festivals to Muslims. They discuss the ways in which Muslims celebrate on these occasions. Young scholars discuss what they know about Muslim celebrations.
Discover how other countries remember their fight for independence and how their celebrations compare to typical American-style revelries
Students research world geography by reading assigned text. In this cultural tradition lesson, students read information regarding American Indians, Buddhists, Hindu and other collections of people around the world. Students discuss their holiday celebrations and histories before completing several worksheets regarding favorite student activities.
Students explore their family history.  For this series of roots lessons, students participate in a variety of activities to learn about families.  Students compare and contrast, discuss, read stories, and create art projects to help them learn and share about their family.
Students explore the meaning of Hanukkah and other holidays. They research how Jews have lived over the centuries.
In this reading comprehension about New Years Day worksheet, students observe a picture and read a short passage. Students write 5 short answers.
Learners discuss the role of public entertainment in ancient Rome. They imagine themselves as a participant at a gladiator games at the Roman Colosseum and write an personal account of the games.
Students consider the games played in ancient Rome. In this ancient Rome lesson, students research Roman entertainment and write personal accounts of gladiator games.
Students take a close look at the president of France, In this French history lesson, students visit selected websites to take in French culture, investigate the 2005 riots, and predict what President Sarkozy's leadership may resemble.
When do English speakers use the conditional tense? Help your intermediate and advanced English learners construct conditional questions and statements. This one-page document explains the use of the tense, provides examples, and houses one practice opportunity in which writers form sentences using a series of words provided. Answers are included. 
Students study all about George Washington: Farmer, Soldier, and First President of the United States of America on the internet.
In this foreign language worksheet, students complete ten sentences by selecting the best of two choices to complete the sentences. Sentences are all about St. Patrick's Day traditions.
In this grammar worksheet, students read sentences about Thanksgiving and choose the best word to fill in the 11 blanks. Students are given two choices.
Students investigate the Christmas customs of Great Britain. In this holiday lesson, students construct pomander balls and sing English Christmas carols.