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In this math puzzle worksheet, students fill in missing numbers in boxes to complete a puzzle; totals are given for rows and columns, missing numbers are part of the correct totals.
In this math box addition worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 13 boxes as they use their addition skills to solve the math puzzle.
In this circle crossword puzzle, students read ten clues that pertain to circles. Students fit their answers in a crossword puzzle (that is not shaped like a circle). There is no word bank.
In this crossword puzzle about sports worksheet, 4th graders fill in the puzzle about sports using the clues and the word bank on the page.
In this Sudoku activity, learners complete four easy, one medium, and one hard Sudoku Puzzles.  Directions are provided on each puzzle. The solutions are provided.
In this Louisiana word search puzzle, students identify names of towns and cities in Louisiana. A list of 45 towns is given for students to work with.
In this garden word search puzzle, students identify words related to gardening. Examples include a hoe, a bee, and flowers. A list of 18 words is provided to assist the students in their search.
In this literacy learning exercise, students find the words that are in the word search puzzle that uses the theme of bunnies. The skill of spelling is emphasized.
In this Johns word search puzzle, students identify famous people who have the first name of John. Examples of names include John Paul Jones, John Wayne, and John Q. Adams. A list of approximately 43 names are provided to assist the students in their search.
In this music word search puzzle, students identify famous country singers. Examples include Reed, Cash, and Owens. A list of 45 singers is provided to assist students in their search.
In this words that end with --oom worksheet, student cut apart 16 halves of word/picture cards with eight --oom ending words. Pupils work in partners to assemble the puzzle.
In this Fourth of July crossword activity worksheet, students use the 10 clues and word bank to identify the words needed to complete the crossword puzzle.
In this shape recognition worksheet, students examine the 9 pictured shapes and record the words that represent the shapes in the crossword puzzle.
In this word puzzle worksheet, students use clues to fill in blanks in a set of words that all have the letter trio T-O-N. Page includes links to answers and additional resources.
Students identify and discuss an attribute that makes them special and unique. The teacher interviews each student about their interests and skills, writes the answers down on a "Puzzle Person," cut apart the puzzle to create an individual puzzle, and discuss the similarities and differences between themselves and their classmates.
Fourth graders, while working in centers read Richie's Rocket by Joan Anderson, and then create a puzzle using ideas, emotions, and experiences from the story. In addition, they write specific definitions for certain words, use those words in sentences, write a synonym for the word, draw a picture of the word, and create a short dramatic scene from the story.
Fourth graders, after reading with intonation and expression the book, "Richie's Rocket," by Joan Anderson, circulate in centers to create a puzzle with emotions and experiences from the ideas in the story, write the definition of words down, write each word in a complete sentence as well as list a synonym for each word. They also create a short dramatic scene from the book.
In this vocabulary activity, students complete 2 different word puzzles. Students read the clues and insert the answers in the puzzle. There is no word bank.
In this word puzzle activity, students spell a word using a chain of seven letters. Students also find six girls' names in a prism of letters.
For this word puzzle worksheet, students "work out the clues" to reveal some well known words or phrases. These puzzles will be difficult and will test the lateral thinking of any student. No answers are given.

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