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Pupils use appropriate words to resolve a conflict or a problem. In this appropriate words lesson plan, students participate in a role play, building a puzzle, and creating a good classroom environment and use words that are appropriate to solve their problems.
In this ancient theorem worksheet, students discover and write an ancient theorem by solving puzzles and word problems. Students complete 12 problems.
Students use critical thinking skills about math operations and practice using previously taught math skills. They solve a puzzle where they have to replace an * with the correct operation to complete the number sentence.
This math puzzle PowerPoint engages students in 14 interactive Sudoku puzzles. The answer for each puzzle is given. The puzzles range in difficulty.
Students visually represent their identities on handmade puzzle pieces. They participate in a personal get-acquainted activity designed to build friendships in a new group. They get to know new classmates with fun. Students etch five large puzzle pieces with the tip of a Erasable Colored Pencil.
Create sonnet puzzles for learners of all ages! Simply take some of your favorite sonnets, type them out (increasing the font size), and cut them into 14 strips. Have a few glued into place for your learners to get started. Can they put them in the correct order? Complete a think aloud with them to help them develop a strategy! 
Fourth graders read chapter 11 of The Secret School and answer discussion questions as they read. In this reading lesson plan, 4th graders also write a summary of what they read and complete a crossword puzzle..
Students practice counting coins. In this counting money lesson plan, students read the book 'Arthur's Funny Money' and name amounts up to 70 cents. Students play post office and pay for specific stamps. Students complete a coin puzzle. Students then estimate coins in a clear jar.
In this brain twisters worksheet, 7th graders work in groups to solve 7 puzzles using logic and problems solving skills.
Students investigate the concepts related to the study of logic. They solve logic puzzles in order to stimulate thinking and engage different types of learners. The lesson includes helpful dialogue to use with students during various phases of the activity.
Another terrific math worksheet. In this one, learners answer multiplication facts dealing with multiples of six. They write the correct number beside the problem and then spell the answer in the crossword puzzle. There are ten problems included in this one-page worksheet.
In this math crossword puzzle, learners answer questions pertaining to multiples of four. They write the correct number beside the problem and then spell the answer in the crossword puzzle. This one-page worksheet contains ten multiplication facts.
Puzzles make great math worksheets! In this one, learners practice their problem solving skills as they solve four math crossword puzzles that require them to use subtraction. An answer key is included.
Here is a valuable math worksheet. Young mathematicians solve ten multiplication problems and then write the products as words to solve a crossword puzzle. All of the facts are from the seven times family.
Crossword puzzles make great worksheets! Here, learners solve 11 one-digit addition problems. They use their solutions to solve a math crossword puzzle.
Here is another terrific math crossword puzzle worksheet. Learners solve 11 addition problems, then use their solutions to solve a math crossword puzzle.
In this number puzzles learning exercise, 3rd graders fill in and solve 3 shaped puzzles by following the directions on each one precisely. Students deal with numbers from 1 to 13.
For this puzzle worksheet, students place the first 11 numbers in the eleven circles so that every 3 numbers in a straight line add up to 18.
In these language arts worksheets, learners complete six "wuzzles." Using the clues provided, students decipher the sayings or short phrases of each word puzzle.
Students investigate word and picture puzzle techniques. They complete and create word and picture puzzles.

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