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For this food preparation crossword puzzle, students read 16 clues about food safety practices and place their answers in a crossword puzzle. There is no word bank.
Create sonnet puzzles for learners of all ages! Simply take some of your favorite sonnets, type them out (increasing the font size), and cut them into 14 strips. Have a few glued into place for your learners to get started. Can they put them in the correct order? Complete a think aloud with them to help them develop a strategy! 
Three short puzzles emphasize Latin roots grad, mot, and cad in English spelling and vocabulary. Learners choose words from a list and complete spellings in boxes with definitions for clues. A reading passage using the words is included. Just one of several activities on MyVocabulary.com associated with 12 beginner-level words for these roots. I'd assign partners to one computer to have them alternate reading the passage out loud and solving the puzzles together.
In this summer cryptogram puzzle, learners decode a secret summer phrase, filling in blanks with letters that match pictures. A reference web site is given for additional resources.
An interesting twist on vocabulary exercises, these word puzzles use word roots to show connections between different vocabulary words. This resource is complete with information about each Latin root used, a word bank, and a definition for each word. This online interactive activity could be used in class or at home for a variety of purposes. Students can receive immediate feedback.
In this math learning exercise, students are given the challenge of completing a sudoku number puzzle. The sheet is an information guide for the teacher to create puzzles.
In this English worksheet, students discuss and locate fifteen different colors in a word search puzzle. Students share their findings with their classmates.
In this grammar activity, students find the names of fourteen adjectives that look like adverbs in a word search puzzle. Students share their findings with their classmates.
In this "-ain" jigsaw puzzle worksheet, young scholars cut out 16 puzzle pieces that have words and picture clues. Students put the puzzle together and read the "--ain" ending words.
In this word puzzle worksheet, students unscramble each word, then use the marked letters to solve the second puzzle. The word puzzle is Columbus day themed.
In this right angle puzzle, students identify the names of states  by their nickname.  They write the names of the states on a puzzle.  This three-page worksheet contains 50 clues.  Instructions are on the first page, clues and puzzle on the second page, and answers are provided on the last page.
In this create a genre crossword puzzle worksheet, 8th graders make a puzzle on the grid provided, using 21 terms, then create clues for each term using a definition or an example;  grading rubric included.
In this language arts activity, students examine 10 word puzzles. Students work out the clues to reveal some well known words and phrases. Example: GSGE (scrambled eggs)
In this America puzzle, students identify the names of American inventors. A list of 45 names are given to assist students in identifying inventors.
For this sounds the same word search puzzle, students identify synonyms. Examples in the puzzle include principle, principal, sea and see. A list of 18 words are provided to assist students in their search.
In this 1st Timothy word search puzzle, students identify terms found in this book of the Bible. Satan, sorrow, widow and examples that are found in the puzzle. A complete list of 20 words is available to assist students in their search,
In this genealogy word search puzzle, students identify terms dealing with family genealogy. Examples of words include research, ancestry, and records. A list of 36 words are provided to assist the students in their search.
In this word search puzzle worksheet, students locate 36 antique car words that are hidden in the puzzle. They find the words which are in a word bank at the bottom of the page.
In this farm animals word search worksheet, students locate 20 words hidden in a puzzle. They find the words and then read a rhyming slang expression that means: not likely or nonsense.
In this winter worksheet, 3rd graders will focus on vocabulary associated with the season. Students will complete a word search and find the 25 words that are listed below the puzzle.

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