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You might be familiar with graphing a quadratic equation but what about a quadratic inequality? This video walks you through an example of graphing a quadratic inequality by first graphing a quadratic equation using factoring to find the zeros, and then looking at how the inequality influences the answer.
Students set up and solve a system of quadratic inequalities related to real-world situations.
In this quadratic inequalities worksheet, students graph six quadratic inequalities. They solve two quadratic inequalities to identify one solution. In this quadratic inequalities worksheet, students draw the parabola and shade inside or outside of the shape to indicate the range of answers.
In this quadratic inequalities worksheet, students graph and then solve the 6 quadratic inequalities on this page. The worksheet has blank graphs for each problem and space available to show work.
In this graphing quadratic inequalities worksheet, students graph eight quadratic inequalities.  Cartesian coordinate systems and solutions are provided.
Students graph a quadratic inequality and describe its solution set. They solve a system of quadratic equalities graphically and symbolically and as related to a real-world context.
Students graph linear and quadratic functions. In this algebra lesson, students create graph with specific coordinate points. They use the Ti to visualise and differentiate between the two functions.
In this quadratic inequalities worksheet, 9th graders solve and graph 10 different problems that include various forms of inequalities. First, they solve each equation shown algebraically. Then, students state the solution set of the given problems and graph them on a number line. They also graph each given inequality.
In this online math worksheet, students graph quadratic inequalities given a variety of graphs and equations . This excellent worksheet allows student to check their answers, and gives the students "hints" should they encounter difficulties.
IN this quadratic inequalities worksheet, learners solve five multiple choice problems.    The solutions are available by clicking on the "Check It" button found on the bottom of the page.
In this algebra learning exercise, high schoolers solve quadratic inequalities, determine whether to shade on the inside or outside, and denote answers in set notation. There are 5 multiple choice questions.
For this college level algebra worksheet, students solve absolute value and quadratic inequalities.  The two page worksheet contains three problems.  Answers are not provided. 
Young scholars investigate inequalities.  In this algebra lesson, students explore what a solution to an inequality is and understand the relationship between an expression and its graph.  The lesson requires the use of technology in the form of the TI-Nspire handheld and software.
In this quadratic, inequalities, equation of a line, and circle worksheet, students solve quadratics using various techniques, graph, and write equations in thirty-two multiple choice problems.
In this quadratics learning exercise, students identify and solve 24 different problems and graphs that include using the Zero Product Property to complete. First, they define the Zero Product Property and its relation to quadratic equations. Then, students use factoring and the property to find the x-intercepts of each parabola and express their answers as an ordered pair.
A teacher's guide precedes the five-page activity on solving absolute value problems. A summary, essential question, launch and exploration activities are suggested to go along with the assignment. You might want to know that the activity itself, while pertinent to the skills of solving and graphing absolute value problems on a number line, is dry; there are no real-life applications.
In this Algebra II instructional activity, 11th graders solve problems on a variety of topics covered on an Algebra II honors mid-term exam.  The twelve page instructional activity contains seventy-two multiple choice questions.  Answers are included. 
In this algebra practice worksheet, 6th graders solve various equations, graph solutions and functions, evaluate logarithmic forms, find unknown equations, write formulas and expanded form, use the binomial theorem, etc. Students solve 36 problems.
Students investigate braking distance for various speeds.  In this braking distance for various speeds lesson plan, students plot data for braking distances under three conditions, normal, using a phone, and wet weather.  Students find a quadratic regression line to model the data.  Students write quadratic inequalities that represent the speed intervals at which a pedestrian would be seriously injured.
For this mid-term worksheet, students solve equations dealing with such topics as slope-intercept, quadratic equations, symmetry, writing algebraic equations, matrix, functions, combinations, and inequalities.  This 51-page worksheet contains 80 multiple-choice problems.  Answers are provided at the end of the problems.

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