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Sal defines ratios. Then he shows how to write ratios three different ways. This concept is then demonstrated with four examples for finding quantities by using ratios.
For this for or since worksheet, students fill in for or since for sentences about quantity of time and also fill in expressions after the words for or since. Students complete 15 sentences.
In this English grammar activity, students understand the differences between the usage of the phrases "amount of," quantity of," and "number of."  Students read the definition of each and the given examples before taking the online interactive exam.
In this vocabulary skills worksheet, students complete 15bsentences using "quantity" words from a word bank at the top of the page. They words such as flagon, spoonful, barrel, and sachet.
Students analyze and compare discrete quantities. In this discrete quantities lesson, students compare amounts of tokens and unknown amounts. Students work with differences between two discrete quantities and represent discrete amounts as line segments. Students also work on the composition of measures.
Fourth graders discuss, describe and track weather by utilizing a variety of measurable quantities as temperature, wind speed, wind direction, cloud conditions and precipitation. They assess, through experiments and practicing, how to forecast weather conditions. In addition, they study how to read a thermometer accurately and graph temperatures on a line graph.
Students use the graphing calculator to input data, set an appropriate window for the domain and range, and make predictions about unknown quantities in linear functions.
Learners examine the difference between quality and quantity of work produced. In this ELL instructional activity, students complete reading, listening, writing, and speaking activities designed to improve their use and understanding of the English language. Each instructional activity focuses on  the idea of quality and /or quality.
In this expressions of quantity worksheet, students review and discuss how to use expressions of quantity correctly and insert eleven expressions of quantities into the appropriate boxes.
In this noun activity learners are asked to replace word phrases with quantity nouns. Students can trade and grade or self correct with the answer key provided.
Eighth graders observe and demonstrate how to estimate whole number and decimal quantities, and determine the reasonableness of results in real-world problems. They observe the teacher solve a variety of problems and complete worksheets. This lesson plan includes a script to follow along with.
In this expressions of quantity-subject/verb agreement worksheet, students interpret a chart of an English Language report card and answer comprehension questions. Using all of, almost all of, most of, some of, one of, and none of, phrases, students write nine sentences.
In this expressions of quantity worksheet, learners determine nouns to follow bolded expressions. Students choose eight expressions' endings from a list of multiple choice nouns.
In this estimating quantities instructional activity, students analyze a set of objects in a group and make an estimate before counting to find the exact number. There are 4 problems.
Learners practice expressions of quantity. In this quantity words lesson plan, students insert the expressions of quantity into the appropriate box.
In this expressions of quantity worksheet, students choose an expression of quantity to describe a group of numbers or symbols. Students use the phrases "all of", "almost all of", "most of", "some of", or "non of" to describe the sets.
Learners use a pipette to mix small amounts of food coloring into water. They visualize the small quantities of parts per million and parts per billion. Contrary to the title, the instructional activity is about liquid amounts rather than gas amounts. The idea is to relate this information to quantities of gases in the atmosphere. Not only can you use this as measurement practice in your chemistry class, you could also use this when teaching earth science classes about atmospheric gases.
In this on-line language arts learning exercise, learners complete 10 multiple choice questions where they identify the adjective of quantity in each sentence. Students can check their answers at the end of the learning exercise.
In this expressions of quantity worksheet, students analyze a chart showing the final grades of a class. Students complete ten sentences about them using: all of, most of, some of, one of, or none of.
In this expressions of quantity worksheet, students read 10 sentences that have a missing noun. Students find the word in the other column that best completes the sentence.

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