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In the first example, instead of actually using the quotient rule, Sal rewrites the denominator as a negative exponent and uses the product rule. In subsequent examples, Sal shows, but does not prove, the derivative of several interesting functions including ex, ln x, sin x, cos x, and tan x.
For this exponents worksheet, students rewrite the seven single exponents using the quotient rule.
In this exponents activity, students rewrite the eight single exponents by using the quotient rule. There is an answer key included.
In this quotient rule worksheet, students expand given logarithms using the quotient rule. This two page worksheet contains eight multi-step problems. Answers are provided on the last page.
In this algebra worksheet, students simplify logarithms using the quotient rule. They condense and expand these functions using the correct properties. There are 5 problems with an answer key.
For this Exponents and the Quotient Rule worksheet, students follow the example given to solve 7 multiplication and division of exponents problems.
in this quotient rule worksheet, students use the quotient rule to write the problems given as single exponents. Students complete 8 problems.
For this logarithms worksheet, students solve 4 logarithm problems using the quotient rule.  Students re-write logarithms as a single logarithm using the quotient rule.
What's the definition of the power of a quotient rule? You have a fraction that has variables and exponents in the numerator and the denominator, and the whole thing is to a power. Oh my! Don't cry! You can do this. Once you see the rule applied you will sigh with relief and be able to tackle any expressions like this.
Sal simplifies a complex exponential equation to demonstrate and apply the quotient rule. This is the second video in a seven-part series.
In this derivatives worksheet, students find the derivative of 25 problems.  Students use the power, product, and quotient rule to find the derivative of various functions.
Twelfth graders investigate the quotient rule.  In this Calculus lesson, 12th graders use the capabilities of the TI-89 to illustrate the symbolic derivative quotient rule. 
In this product and quotient rules worksheet, students use Taylor's Theorem to rewrite functions in a given form. They determine the derivatives of functions. This three-page worksheet contains explanations, examples, and seven problems.
For this calculus worksheet, learners use differentiation to solve problems. They apply the quotient rule as they solve rational expressions. There are 19 questions with an answer key.
Young scholars differentiate functions.  In this differentiating functions lesson, students use the quotient rule to differentiate functions.  Young scholars use the quotient rule to differentiate rational functions such as a quadratic function divided by another quadratic function.
For this precalculus worksheet, 11th graders apply their knowledge of natural logs to solve division problems. There are 8 problems with an answer key.
Twelfth graders assess their knowledge of trig functions and their properties. For this calculus lesson, 12th graders take a test on derivatives, trig functions, and the quotient rule. There are 2 different versions of the same test available.
In this derivatives instructional activity, students solve 11 short answer and graphing problems. Students find inflection points, increasing and decreasing intervals, maximums and minimums, and graph an exponential derivative. Students use the quotient rule to find the derivative.
In this function worksheet, students determine the natural domain and range for functions and formulas. They identify the composition of two functions and complete the derivation of the quotient rule. This three-page worksheet contains seven multi-step problems.
In this algebra worksheet students find the root and simplify 20 radical expressions. Students use the product and quotient rules to simplify 27 radical expressions. They add or subtract radicals on 13 problems.

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