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Implicit differentiation practice worksheet. Three main problems with subset questions. Good practice breaking up the original problem into steps used to solve.  Note:  this can be a check to see specifically where  the class might need more support.
In this radical worksheet, students simplify radicals by identifying the root, and rationalizing the denominator. They complete 40 multiple choice answers.
In this Taylor's Theorem worksheet, students use the microscope approximation to determine the approximate value of a function. They rewrite expressions for the relative error, and observe changes in the relative error. They use Taylor's Theorem to write exact expressions for nonlinear functions. This three-page worksheet contains examples, explanations and six multi-step problems.
In this implicit differentiation worksheet, students find the slope of a tangent line at a given point. They use the product/quotient rule to determine the implicit differentiation. This three-page worksheet contains approximately 20 multi-step problems.
In this algebra worksheet, students convert and simplify fractions to its simples form. They simplify variable using the quotient rule. There are five multiple choice question with an answer key.
In this algebra worksheet, students solve fractions using properties of the quotient rule. They evaluate and solve expressions using algebra. There are 5 multiple choice questions with an answer key.
In this algebra worksheet, students rewrite logarithmic equations and solve for the x-value. There are 5 questions with an answer key.
In this derivatives instructional activity, students solve nine short answer problems by multiplying or dividing with derivatives. They answer one true/false question. Students solve five short answer questions.
In this algebra worksheet, student solve division problems using properties of fractions and division. They flip and multiply fractions to solve division problems. There are 5 multiple choice questions with an answer key.

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