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Students solve radical equations by taking the nth root of the equation. For this algebra lesson, students simplify radicals and apply the concept of radical equations to the real world.
Students observe and solve examples of equations involving radicals. They complete a Doing Battle With Radical Equations worksheet and checklist.
Bringing it all together in this video, Sal incorporates the concepts from previous lectures (quadratic formula, multiplying polynomial expressions, radical expressions, exponents). This video would be a great way to end a unit or review for a unit test in your algebra class.
Students explore extraneous roots to radical equations. In this Algebra II lesson, students solve equations which are typically "unanswerable" with paper and pencil. The use of the TI-npire provides a method of solution and moves the focus of the lesson to flexibility in problem solving.
Eleventh graders explore extraneous solutions to radical equations.  In this Algebra II lesson, 11th graders explore the real and extraneous solutions to radical equations conceptually, graphically, and algebraically.  The lesson employs the use CAS.
In this worksheet, students graph the square root and other radical functions by examining the parent function and the translations and shifts that occur within the function family. The two page worksheet contains twelve problems. 
In this algebra worksheet, students match radical equations that are solve by squaring both sides. Once they finishing matching equations, they decode the hidden message. There are 13 questions.
Students explore radical equations.  For this Algebra II lesson, students solve radical equation graphically.  Students examine the roots of quadratic and cubic equations. TI-nspire handheld and appropriate application necessary.
Students calculate the domain and range of a radical function. In this algebra lesson, students graph radical functions and identify the x and y values as they relate to the domain and range. They use transformations to move the graph around on the coordinate plane.
In this algebra lesson, learners solve radical equations by taking the square root of each side of the equation. There are 26 problems on this instructional activity with an answer key.
In this radical equations worksheet, students complete short answer questions about radical equations. Students answer 7 questions and look at many examples.
In this Algebra II worksheet, 11th graders solve equations involving radical equations.  The worksheet provides an explanation and worked examples.  The two page worksheet contains three problems.  Solutions are not provided. 
In this radical equations worksheet, 9th graders solve 10 different problems that include various types of radical equations. They solve each of the problems listed that have radical equations in them.
Students find the roots of quadratic equations. In this algebra lesson plan, students solve radical equations and identify the positive and negative roots. They graph and analyze their functions.
Sal is not kidding when he calls this radical expression "hairy" and "more involved." Though viewers might be daunted by the amount of work necessary in solving the problem, Sal is confident and collected throughout the video. It's helpful to see Sal work through a tougher problem using the same methodology that he employs for the simpler problems as well.
In this algebra worksheet, 11th graders solve equations containing roots and variables. They check their work for extraneous solutions. There are 28 problems with an answer key.
In this radical equations activity, students solve given radical equations. They solve problems containing variables, exponents, and fractions. This two-page activity contains 20 multi-step problems.
Eleventh graders investigate radical functions.  In this Algebra II lesson, 11th graders use TI-Navigator and Navpad to explore the effect of changes in parameters on the graphs of radical functions.
High schoolers graph functions that are given, and then they write the equations for the completed graphs. There are several problems included, and they are designed to be used without calculators.
Learners solve problems with exponents, radicals, absolute value and complex numbers. In this algebra activity, students use properties of exponential functions to solve equations and word problems.

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