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For this rational numbers worksheet, students complete a graphic organizer in order to solve a word problem. Students write about: understanding, planning, solving, and looking back. Houghton Mifflin text is referenced.
In this rational numbers instructional activity, students evaluate expressions for given values, then solve 2 test prep questions. Houghton Mifflin text is referenced.
Use this rational numbers and their properties worksheet to have learners complete 10 equations and identify the properties they used. They also answer two test prep questions.
Rational numbers may seem like a tough subject to young mathematicians; this worksheet allows them to practice with multiple types of rationals and irrationals to become more familiar with this category. The examples allow learners to convert unit fractions, rational numbers, and irrational numbers into their decimal counterparts to compare their values. The last test is to find different rational and irrational numbers that are between the values of three and four and place them correctly on the number line. 
For this rational numbers worksheet, students solve 13 different word problems related to rational numbers. First, they identify the elevation of various spots on a map and what happens to that elevation in different situations. Then, students create an addition number sentence to represent the hike from each area and back to the originating spot using rational numbers.
In this Algebra I worksheet, 9th graders use a graphic organizer to summarize their knowledge regarding rational numbers. The one page worksheet contains four questions. Answers are not included.  
Complete three activities using real-world models to investigate fractions, decimals, and proportions. Your class will investigate situations using the rational numbers and proportions that one would encounter in a bakery.
Mathematicians need to know that not all numbers are rational. We approximate irrational number with rational numbers. That is why a calculator may be misleading. This task give learners an opportunity to see how rounding a number and then multiplying it is not the same as multiplying a number and rounding it. 
Seventh graders explore rational numbers. In this fractions, decimals, and percents lesson, 7th graders identify and compare equivalencies between fractions, decimals, and percents. Students use hands-on activities to investigate the world of rational numbers.
Show your learners how to relate rational number problems to everyday life. This video demonstrates a word problem about division with two strategies. Class members will be able to divide decimals or fractions and still produce the same solution. Some examples may be challenging as they do not include all steps and calculations. This is the last video in a series of five about converting rational numbers to decimals. 
Rational is a common word in math that sometimes goes unexplained. This lesson explores the relationship between ratio and rational number. Show your learners that rational numbers consist of any number that can be written as a fraction. The video puts most of its focus on what can be a rational number rather than what is not. This is the first video out of a five-part series. Video is used as an introduction as the term rational is commonly used in other standards. 
Are your pupils having problems with fractions in algebra problems? Have no fear, Sal is here! Sal takes care to guide them through the intricacies of fractions within an algebraic context, and his explanation of word problems will have even your most advanced learners taking notes.
Using two colors of counting chips, seventh graders review the multiplication of rational numbers and then explore how to divide them. They play an online game, "Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers," and afterward they devise sign rules for dividing integers. You will find dialogue, diagrams, and links to useful support resources in this well-written lesson plan. 
In this Sudoku-style activity, mathematicians place various rational numbers into their appropriate places. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of a mix of fraction and decimals are required. Add this to your curriculum as a homework assignment when teaching operations with rational numbers and when your learners are working toward attaining seventh grade Common Core discrete skills.
Practicing dividing fractions first in a straightforward equation, Sal translates those skills for use in a word problem later in the video. This lesson would be helpful for those who struggle to understand what word problems are truly asking - particularly word problems involving fractions.
Using a set of football scores, your math class will apply properties of operations and use a number line to add and subtract rational numbers. Two different solution strategies are written in the plan. Consider having mathematicians work in pairs to solve the problem.
Explore rational numbers with the young mathematicians in your class. They will investigate decimals, fractions, and percents before ordering and comparing rational numbers. This multi-day unit includes differentiation activities and most of the resources you'll need are provided.
For this comparing rational numbers word problem worksheet, 6th graders make three-digit inequalities true by placing a decimal point between the first and second digit or a fraction bar between the second and third digit and using these solutions to plot numbers on the ladder number line and solve word problems. Students solve three problems.
Math whizzes investigate the number line using hands-on activities. In this pre-algebra instructional activity, learners compare and order numbers from greatest to least, rational and irrational, and use order of operations on rational numbers. They actually get to act as the number line!
Mathematicians separate numbers into subsets. In this algebra lesson, they define and differentiate numbers according to real numbers and integers, fractions, and rational numbers.

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