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In this recycling worksheet, students sort recycling items into paper, plastic, or aluminum bins. Students sort 7 items total on this worksheet.
Greeting cards can be cute or pretty, and they end up in the trash. Turn your old greeting cards into a functional box. Learners fold, cut, and tape old cards to create small boxes that are perfect for holding paperclips, erasers, or secret treasures. Tip: Have pupils research how many cards are manufactured each year and how they add to the landfill if they aren't recycled. 
The advent of paper has made a huge impact on society and we wouldn't be the same without it. This project allows learners to explore and create paper of their own using recycled materials. The how-to is all laid out, just follow the simple directions, add a bit of research, and you'll have an environmentally friendly, history-rich art lesson.
Second graders discuss how litter can affect the earth and they learn how recycling is a positive way to control litter. They work in small groups to go to the trash pile at the front of the room and pick trash out in order to make a collage.
Students explore recycling in Canada and then use mapping software to describe, analyze, and interpret relationships between levels of provincial recycling and government waste expenditure.
Students demonstrate knowledge of how to improve the school, community, or environment. In this reduce, reuse, recycle lesson plan, students create their own ways to help the environment. Students collect and evaluate litter to see if any of the litter can be reused.
In this recycling vocabulary worksheet, 4th graders complete 15 fill in the blanks. For each blank, students must use a key to decode the word. Each word relates to recycling and recyclable materials. 
In this recycling vocabulary worksheet, students match recycling words with their other parts in order to make complete words about recycling. Students complete 8 words.
In this recycling worksheet, students name items they can recycle from home. They read a short article and complete 3 short answer questions that follow.
In this recycling worksheet, students look at 12 pictures and circle those that they can recycle from their home. A reference web site for additional activities is given.
If you have a little left over tinsel and aluminum foil, your class can create these fun moon and star mobiles. Poster board or recycled cardboard become your moon and stars; the tinsel gives them sparkle. This would be a great activity following a space science lesson or unit. Book and interactive game links are included.
With some canceled stamps, an old box, and some glue, learners create art from scraps. You save up or gather used postage stamps, the kids glue them onto a box or an old clean jar. All the steps needed to complete this project plus two book recommendations are included.
Students participate in an online game to explore many types of recycling programs and their varied effects. Students explore their city's recycling programs and compare them with those they discovered online.
In this recyclable materials worksheet, learners cut out the puzzle pieces and scramble them. Students then put the puzzle of recyclable materials together again.
In this word recognition worksheet, students trace the word "recycle," write the word independently, and color the recycling symbol.
In this recycling vocabulary worksheet, students find their way through a maze by using clues about recycling and spelling out words. A reference web site is included for additional activities. 
In this recycling worksheet, students answer the clues about recycling and look for the answer in a word search. Students look for 15 words.
In this recycling worksheet, students write antonyms and synonyms for common recycling vocabulary words. Students write antonyms and synonyms for 15 words.
In this recycling instructional activity, students read definitions of recycling words, then fill in missing letters to complete the matching words. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this recycling worksheet, students fill in the blanks to the letter shapes with recycling vocabulary. Students fill in the blanks for 8 letter shapes.

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