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Young scholars create environments to demonstrate how earthworms interact with their surroundings.
In this word search worksheet, students study the words about recycling matters. Students complete the word search by finding the 23 words.
Youngsters discover what recycling is and identify things that can be recycled. They use both video and Internet resources to aid them in their study. This is a well-designed lesson with excellent activities and a nicely-written letter to parents regarding an upcoming class project on recycling. Very good!
Students use recycled materials to create a sculpture using additive and subtractive processes. They give a presentation explaining the materials used and how this piece of artwork can be used to tell others about the importance of recycling.
Students explore the ways to conserve our natural resources. In this recycling, reusing, and reducing lesson students read Dinosaurs to the Rescue and apply their findings to learning ways to conserve resources. Students complete a worksheet and complete a chosen project for Earth Day.
Students consider the life cycle of certain plastics products and propose improved recycling legislation in their own communities.
Elementary schoolers count and order objects using numbers 1-300. They bring recyclable items from home. Students group the items, skip count by 2's, 3's, and 5's, and arrange the items on a number line. Recyclable plastic bags are put in groups of 300 to be used to make sleeping mats for the children of Haiti.
Apply the concept of unit conversion to how much trash is recycled in the United States. Pupils are given the amount of aluminum, glass, and paper products recycled daily, they convert the daily amount of recyclables into weekly, monthly, yearly, hourly, per minute, and per second amounts. Great real-world application of ratios and rates.
Learners compare the amount of waste that comes from different bags of equivalent amounts of potato chips and decide which would produce the least amount of waste. They discuss recycling and other ways they can reduce waste.
Young scholars discuss pollution and ways humans create pollution as well as how litter and pollution affect plants and animals. The class participates in a pollution simulation which demonstrates how land, water, plants, animals and humans are all affected by the pollution we create. After the simulation, groups discuss ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and create posters displaying their ideas.
Learners understand the importance of participating in recycling and clean-up efforts in the community. In this recycling instructional activity, students respond to questions after reading "The Wartville Wizard" by Don Madden. Learners articulate feelings about finding trash in the classroom. Students participate in a school cleanup.
Fourth graders discuss how junk mail accumulates and bring in junk mail for an Earth day Project.  In this Earth Day lesson, 4th graders weigh and measure their accumulated mail and calculate how much junk mail is accumulated in all the students homes. Students assess how much mail can be recycled.
In this recycling worksheet, students read facts about recycling. Students complete a word scramble and a maze for the recycling activity.
In this recycling symbols worksheet, students color the recycling symbol. Students then trace the letters in the word recycle.
In this recycling puzzle worksheet, students use a set of 8 clues about recycling to complete a spiral puzzle. A reference web site is included for additional activities. 
In this recycling vocabulary activity, students use a set of recycling definition clues to complete a crossword puzzle. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this recycling instructional activity, students unscramble a set of 15 words related to recycling. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
For this recycling worksheet, students alphabetize a set of 15 recycling related words. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this recycling vocabulary worksheet, 3rd graders fill in the missing letters to words representing recycling vocabulary. Students fill in letters for 6 words.
In this recycling spelling worksheet, students circle the correct spelling of a set of 15 words related to recycling. A reference web site is given for additional activities.

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