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Eighth graders investigate art appreciation and Renaissance portraits through time. They create a portrait.
Students view and discuss Renaissance art, including the work of Arcimboldo. They create their own self portraits through imagery and symbolism in the Arcimboldo style.
"Can a museum be a catalyst in a community? Can a museum house artists and allow them to be change agents as communities re-think themselves?" Watch as curator Thelma Golden re-imagines the museum as a think tank and explores the capacity of artists to understand and re-write history. While the speaker expresses a particular focus on on Black artists, a primary theme of her presentation is how art can change the way we think about culture and ourselves.
Ninth graders explore the Renaissance. In this Renaissance instructional activity, 9th graders research the art an artists of the era in order to create posters that present the attributes of the art and the artists.
Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful and important art of the Renaissance, including paintings, sculptures, and architecture. The slides take care to detail the characteristics of each art form, but the presentation really lends itself to the interpretations of the viewer - just as the finest art tends to do. They will truly see history with new eyes after this sumptuous experience.
Ninth graders explore how the Renaissance functioned as a rebirth of learning. In this Renaissance lesson, 9th graders discuss the influence of the Catholic Church on society during the era and then research Renaissance writers and artists. Students share their findings with their classmates.
Students examine the men and women who were a part of the Harlem Renaissance. Individually, they recreate their favorite pieces of art from the time period and create their own original works after reading poem from the movement. In groups, they discuss the conditions of Harlem that made it possible for the Harlem Renaissance to occur.
Students examine the time period of the Harlem Renaissance. As a class, they are introduced to five artists and discuss their art and techniques. Using the internet, they also research the philosophers of the time period and how situations were different after the movement. To end the lesson, they create their own artwork based on the techniques of the five artists examined at the beginning of the lesson.
Students explore Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop and get a glimpse into what it was like to live like an artist in the Renaissance. They discover how other aspects of civilization evolved during the Renaissance and why.
Take a quick trip through the art that defined the Northern Renaissance. Focused on the art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, this presentation shows his work and analyzes it in terms of social and historical context. Tip: This would be a good resource to use at an independent work station. 
Students are introduced to the culture of African American art. Using the internet, they research the events surrounding the Harlem Renaissance and discover how it produced a wide variety of art and literature. To end the instructional activity, by analyzing different pieces of artwork by various artists to identify the political statement in the art.
In this Renaissance worksheet, learners read a 2 page article covering The Renaissance period, answer 5 facts with multiple choice answers and answer 5 statements true or false.
Fifth graders make a Hyperstudio presentation based on their study of different time periods in art history. They complete a timeline using a teacher made template to complete the project.
In this online interactive world history worksheet, learners answer 26 matching questions regarding Renaissance arts. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
This resource incorporates a variety of worksheets on the Renaissance, from crossword puzzles and timelines to an activity designing a family coat of arms. If you are considering hosting a Renaissance fair in your class or you're searching for activities that offer a broad overview of the period, then this is a good resource to get you started.
Fifth graders examine the rise of the Renaissance and the contributions and roles of various groups such as ancient Greeks, Muslim scholars, the aristocracy, the Catholic Church, and tradesmen. They develop and write a report on a Renaissance figure.
Beauty, art, and truth is the creed of the poet, and the Harlem Renaissance was all of those things. Discover the reasons for the great migration north, the poets, musicians, and artists that were part of the Harlem Renaissance. Slides contain images and great information on many influential people of the time, as well as their contributions to modern American culture. 
Students examine several Medieval and Renaissance works of art, including painting and sculpture, at the Art Institute of Chicago. They use worksheets and discussion questions to enhance their interpretation of the pieces.
In this Renaissance instructional activity, students read assigned textbook pages and then respond to 28 short answer questions about Italian Renaissance, Florence, and  Renaissance art.
Harlem Renaissance lesson plans can bring the music, poetry, and literature of this time period alive.

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