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Fourth graders conduct cultural research, collect oral histories using tape recorders and cameras, and share their ancestral heritage with classmates through family heirlooms and ethnic foods.
Tenth graders prepare a report on the social, cultural, and political elements of the 40's and 60's. They interview their parents and grandparents and conduct additional research. They prepare PowerPoint presentations comparing/contrasting the two eras.
Students conduct background research about a Pacific Rim country to develop a premise for a documentary film about the fate of traditional fishing industries in the area.
Students explore sports-related health risks and develop school policies on these issues, rewriting current school policy to reflect their ideas. They then conduct field research to discover how these risks are addressed in various sports within their school's athletic department.
Twelfth graders select and research one of these three events from the 1960's-the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement or the counter culture movement- and select songs that are associated with these events. They prepare outlines and give oral presenations about the selected events and songs. Students conduct interviews with people who lived during the 1960's and they ask them to recall the events and identify songs associated with those events.
Eighth graders participate in a computer based Family Search Unit. They use multimedia resources to research their country of origin, conduct interviews, and use software to produce narratives, databases, spreadsheets and graphs in this unit.
Students consider the skills and techniques necessary to successfully conduct an interview for a minority oral history project. They research background information, practice interview techniques and conduct interviews.
Students develop interview skills and learn about US history at the same time. Students research an event from local history. Students prepare a list of questions based on the research. They create a list of interview questions and interview four people based on the research.
What better way to work on research skills while gaining an understanding of college life, than conducting an interview? High Schoolers interview a college graduate, document their findings, and use the information to write an essay on the topic of college life.
Twelfth graders conduct interviews with people who lived during the 1960s and ask them to recall the events and identify songs associated with those events. The interviewees will be asked to express their feelings about the events and songs and if their feelings have changed or remained the same over time.
Students refine their fieldwork skill by conducting interviews. From the position of an outsider, they conduct research and interviews. Student interviews are maintained as a part of a portfolio. Interview kits and assessment materials are included.
Students explore, examine and study about the war in Iraq and consider the problems and concerns faced by injured veterans coming home. They then create questions and conduct interviews with veterans in order to develop proposals for needed services.
Students conduct internet research on aviation and pioneer aviators. They create an alphabet book r with flight related terms, write a short biography of a pioneer aviator and take part in a paper plane flying contest.
High school kids get thinking about college by creating e-portfolios. They conduct Internet research on a specific career, take a self-assessment, and relate their interests/strengths to the career they've chosen. 
Conduct original research with a social survey about television viewing time. Sixth graders take notes about television viewing and then come up with at least three hypotheses to test with their surveys. The plan calls for collaboration between the sixth and eighth graders; however, if this is not possible, the work could be completed by either grade. Informational text, note-taking pages, survey recording sheets, and conclusions record sheets are all included.
Working in teams of two, students conduct interviews by playing the role of a reporter and Hemingway. They research their parts, write the interviews, and perform them for the rest of the class.
Fourth graders research a famous person in Michigan history. They will use at least three different resources including technology to conduct their research. They then will use various forms of technology to create individual research projects and a class slide show presentation of their topics.
In this interviewing skills worksheet, students read tips for conducting interviews as part of the research process and then use the tips to interview their grandparents about their life experiences related to economics. Students write essays based on their findings.
Knowing how to respond to a potential employer, when getting interviewed is a need-to-know skill. Learners prepare for life in the real world by answering a few questions with the help of a job oriented website. After the research, they put their skills to work as they conduct mock interviews.
Second graders watch simulated interview between the teacher and a student before they interview a classmate using the form provided. Next, they complete two interviews of family members at home. They focus on the concepts of ancestors and immigration, compile the interview data upon returning to class.

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