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In these research skills worksheets, students use the description of the research process to answer the questions about researching.
Tenth graders investigate how to conduct research without writing a research paper. In this research lesson, 10th graders work in groups to research one topic. Students break down their topic into smaller subjects and each member chooses a creative way to present their findings through an oral presentation or visual aids.
In these research skills worksheets, students study and review the various images of research information sources. Students then decide which research source would be best to answer the questions about a research activity on the holidays.
Students brainstorm ideas about a librarian and their responsiblities and abilities to assist them then they complete an assignment tracking form in class. They record and reflect on information seeking activity then discuss their fingins in class.
Teaching learners how to evaluate a research source is an important part of the research process. The fresh idea here is that groups first develop a list of reasons why resources should be evaluated, transform these reasons into criteria, use the criteria to develop a rubric, and then test their rubric against two resources (one reliable, one not). Although designed for teacher candidates, the process outlined would work equally well for the secondary classroom.
Have your class read texts on a specific famous person using a Student Encyclopedia. They will learn to use basic research skills to answer questions about their famous person, take notes, and learn how to cite sources to complete a simple bibliography. Note: There is an extension to write a short report available.
Fifth graders complete a research paper with the conventions of either the MLA or APA formats. They survey a subject, select a topic, conduct research, develop a plan and write a research paper. In addition, a variety of resources are used to obtain the needed information to write the research paper.
For this research skills worksheet, students read the questions about bananas and research to answer the 10 multiple choice questions.
Young scholars analyze Public Art in preparation for college discussion, research, and writing, and create their own artistic creations. In this art and college prep lesson plan, students develop an original research question to explore an art topic and complete key word searches online. Young scholars create their own blog and piece of art work based on their studies.
"Conducting Research" is a short presentation that walks secondary students through steps for researching. Plagiarism, style, citing, and creating bibliographies are overviewed. While this is a short slide show, it would be useful to add your own slides to create a more robust presentation. Note: There are few references to book pages that are not referenced that could be pulled out.
In this reference and research skills worksheet, students test their knowledge of research skills as they respond to 10 multiple choice questions.
In this research skills worksheet, students match web address extensions with the country represented by researching on the Internet.
In this research skills activity, students search the Internet to find answers to questions about derby, UK.
Develop your students' research skills by using this primary source analysis lesson plan. They will view selected images and documents from the Library of Congress and analyze them in order to improve their research skills. Digital links and file resources are included.
In this research skills worksheet, students answer ten multiple choice questions about the city of Derby in the UK. Questions refer to parts of the city and some history of the city.
In this reference/research skill activity, students answer 12 multiple choice questions about using reference materials, including library card catalogs.
In this research skills worksheet, students use the library or Internet to determine why 8 famous Britons are still famous today. They write a short answer after completing the research.
In this research skills worksheet, students write a list of 15 famous Britons in their birth order. They find the birthday of each one using an encyclopedia or an Internet search.
In this research process learning exercise, students complete the table, answer the questions using encyclopedias, and write a report about their research topic.
In this conducting research worksheet, students read 1 paragraph pertaining to the research process and then respond to 20 short answer questions.