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Practice Internet research skills. Each class member will need Internet access in order to follow along as you model how to search using key words and to do their own research on African and Asian elephants. Their notes will go into a report on elephants. The skills are easily applied to another project of your choice.
Students conduct career-based interviews. In this career education lesson, students research careers and interview career professionals to produce a video that features ins and outs of the career.
Students explore caves in their classroom. In this science lesson, students research how caves are formed, animals that live in caves, spelunking safety, and human impact on caves. Students create a classroom cave and give tours.
Sixth graders explore ancient Greece. In this ancient civilizations lesson, 6th graders research how ancient Greece influenced modern societies. Students prepare PowerPoint presentations to share their findings with their classmates.
Learners build World War II directional signs. In this World War II lesson, students explore the geographic locations of the war as they analyze primary sources and conduct research regarding places of significance in the war. Learners collaborate to create a detailed classroom directional sign featuring their findings.
Students investigate local history. In this research skills instructional activity, students examine historic landmarks, tax records, fire maps, town plans, historic photographs, newspapers, and other primary sources to learn about local communities in the Iowa Territory. Students use the information they gather to create community profiles and histories.
Students practice their letter writing skills. In this research and writing lesson, students use their research skills to find current information regarding a celebrity. Students write letters to the celebrities in a personal letter format.
Second graders develop their research skills. For this United States geography lesson, 2nd graders use Internet and print resources to research a state of their choice. Students write a report that includes the attributes listed.
Students research and report on aspects of kites. They research the history of kites, the types, and building and flying kites. They use software that enables them to create a graphic organizer and then they create booklets with word processing software.
Students gather information about careers and jobs and create a PowerPoint. In this research lesson, students use a variety of sources to explore working life and trends in employment. Students create a PowerPoint presentation and evaluate those of their classmates.
Native American culture and lifestyle in colonial America are the backdrop for these tasks aimed at improving writing and research skills. Young researchers use graphic organizers, journals, creative writing through story telling, illustrations, and literature response to complete daily expectations. 
If you plan to utilize the ABC miniseries, "The Path to 9/11" in your classroom, consider incorporating media literacy and research skills. After (or while) learners view the series, they discuss ways information can differ from source to source. Selecting one country mentioned in the docudrama, they compare how it is portrayed in the series to other sources, including media and the Library of Congress. They synthesize findings through an essay. A handout would be helpful.
High school social studies teachers addressing the crisis in Darfur could use elements of this plan to increase social studies vocabulary and research skills. It includes a page of lecture/discussion notes, instructions for creating higher-level questions, and a DBQ essay assignment.
In this planets research skills activity, students use their research skills to fill in the blanks in 15 sentences regarding the planets.
In this research skills instructional activity, students use the appropriate reference to answer the questions. There are 5 questions on this page.
In this research skills worksheet, students use a dictionary to find the answers to the 5 questions on the page. Each question pertains to prefixes.
In this research skills worksheet, students use a dictionary to help them answer the 5 multiple choice questions on the page.
In this Internet research skills worksheet, learners respond to 15 short answer trivia questions. Students may use reference sources if they don't know the answers.
For this Internet research skills worksheet, student respond to 15 short answer trivia questions. Students may use reference sources if they don't know the answers.
In this famous Britons worksheet, students put their research skills to use as they find the year that each British person listed was born. If students have extra time they should also find the year that each of the famous Britons died.