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Using Oregon as the focus, this lesson requires learners to produce a lengthy and detailed research project using presentation software. After they have completed their research, they give a speech to share their information with the class. Could be adapted to any topic or region.
Middle schoolers research Ancient Egypt. In this Ancient Egypt lesson plan, students work in groups to research topics in Egyptian life. They write a research paper and create a living history museum with costumes, props, and backdrops. 
Help young researchers find credible sources online. Modeling with a Google search for information about Shakespeare’s Macbeth, use a computer projector or Smart Board to show class members how weak the top three search results are. Direct instruction then covers better resources that can be used to begin a research paper. Very technology-driven, the instructional activity requires computers for every student, as well as subscription databases most likely found in a library.
Using your school's media center, internet research, and a SMART board, 7th graders research a chosen poet and write a research report. Additionally, 7th graders explicate one poem by the poet within their report. Several resource links are provided for your convenience, as well as two worksheets about the research project.
Demonstrate how to cite information from Internet sources without plagiarizing. If your class is working on an Internet research paper, and you have observed learners cutting and pasting directly from the Internet, the activities and methods involved here should help your class understand how to properly cite and paraphrase research. The handout attachments are only available if you register, so you might make your own. A cited article is in the additional materials.
Third graders explore civil rights by researching the late Dr. King. In this African American leader lesson, 3rd graders read the book Martin's Big Words which explore the foundation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s principals and idealism. Students write short biographies about Dr. King and a research paper demonstrating the impact of his life and history.
Pupils complete various activities to investigate growing apples. They examine words related to apple growth and write the words on apple shapes. They also take a vocabulary quiz and complete an apple concentration game. Next, they watch a PowerPoint presentation and research the science of growing apples using the given links. Finish this project by having learners write a research paper about the topic.
Have your class read texts on a specific famous person using a Student Encyclopedia. They will learn to use basic research skills to answer questions about their famous person, take notes, and learn how to cite sources to complete a simple bibliography. Note: There is an extension to write a short report available.
Students research the five major sub disciplines of oceanography. They, in groups, list questions that each type of oceanographer would pose for a research project, then describe three research projects, and the type of oceanographer involved.
Students research countries around the world. They develop and write a research paper that includes maps, photographs, and diagrams. They describe the culture, society, economy, religious beliefs, government structure, and history of their chosen country. Students create a costume that resembles the traditional dress and prepare a food dish that is typical of the country they research.
Using discoveries and inventions as the focus, learners complete a research project. First, they come up with research questions. Then, they conduct research on the topic. Finally, they write a research paper.
Students write a thesis paper about the Holocaust. For this Holocaust lesson plan, students use books and the internet to take notes and research a Holocaust topic and write a research paper about it.
Students focus on narrowing topics in order to find an appropriate research topic for a research paper on meat. In this research skills activity, students brainstorm about meat, using various topics/subtopics of meat. Students access an online search engine to search meat and peruse subdivisions. Students come up with two different research questions on health aspects and find an article that answers the question.
In this World War I worksheet, students follow the provided guidelines to conduct independent research and write research papers about aspects of the war.
Fourth graders review all the materials they've studied about the rain forest and begin to organize their research paper by choosing a topic. They begin by rereading the introductory book, "The Great Kapok Tree," by Lynne Cherry as well as work on a graphic organizer for the beginning of their research paper.
Students write a research paper about their dream job. They organize their paper using research notes, and support their main idea with supporting details.
Students develop effective and efficient plan for successfully completing a research project through use of online BIG 6 Assignment Organizer.
Students critique information sources used for a research paper. In this language arts instructional activity, students learn to identify and critique sources used for research purposes. Their critiques are video recorded and shown before the class.
Considering a research paper assignment for your AP English Language and Composition class? Here’s a resource that details the expectations for such an assignment and includes a handy process checklist. Spreading out the due dates for the various steps permits you to check on student progress and identify those who need extra assistance. It also spreads out your work load.
After reading on the topic of their paper, high schoolers work in pairs to assess how to write powerful, precise thesis statements. The introduction contains three statements: a universal statement, a bridge statement, and a thesis statement. The activity is designed for research projects, but it could translate well to any essay that involves stating a claim or argument.

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