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In this high resolution satellite photograph worksheet, students observe a photograph taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of the Tennessee Court House. Students use the photograph to solve 4 problems about the scale of the image, the resolution of the image, the features in the image and they estimate the elevation of the sun above the horizon based on the shadows in the photograph.
Learners study skills to resolve conflicts. They identify positive and negative methods of conflict resolution. They compare assertive and aggressive behavior and practice assertiveness skills. They identify ways to maintain a sense of humor.
Students explore communication techniques by participating in speech role-playing activities. In this conflict resolution lesson, students identify the keys to being a good communicator such as listening, eye contact, and the tone of their voice. Students conduct discussions with classmates while employing these techniques.
Students analyze parts of a story through the sequence of actions. In this story elements lesson, students work in groups to read a story about a volcano and complete a worksheet on the elements within the story. Students then create second scenes that builds cumulatively through the story elements. Students present their scenes to the class.
In this conflict resolution worksheet, students first read three scenarios that would cause conflict. Kids discuss them and come up with a win-win solution. Students act out the scenarios and then list the feelings that the characters might have.
In this conflict resolution worksheet, students learn how to be a good listener in order to solve any conflicts. Students complete five activities to help them become good listeners.
In this conflict resolution worksheet, students discover how to use listening skills to resolve or avoid conflict. Students also respond to 5 questions pertaining to listening skills.
Students make New Year's Resolutions. In this resolution instructional activity, students listen to the story Peace Begins with You by Katherine Sholes. They discuss different ways they can help make their world more peaceful and create a resolution flag. 
Students write down conflicts they have and the class brainstorms different solutions. In this conflict and resolution lesson plan, students learn about social conflict, military conflict, economic conflict, and more, and then share their own conflicts and how they might solve them.
Students role play situations that require a peaceful conflict resolution. They work in pairs to design a short skit which they act out for the class. They revisit the situations as a class to brainstorm other resolutions.
Students review conflict resolution styles in a whole group settings. They listen scenarios in which conflict resolution is needed identifying the key players using graphic cards. They role play scenarios of their own.
Learners examine ways to resolve conflicts. In this conflict resolution lesson plan, students define conflict resolution and write down situations where leaders deal with conflicts. Learners work in groups to create a PowerPoint on ways to resolve conflict.
In this resolutions worksheet, student write sentences about their resolutions and goals, and who will support them, challenges they will face, and more. Students complete 10 sections.
In this conflict resolution worksheet, learners work with hypothetical situations. Students respond to 6 scenarios sharing how they would handle each.
Students study conflict resolution strategies and appropriate behaviors. In this appropriate behaviors lesson, students read a book about self-discipline and then discuss the story. Students then use the 3-R strategy to find a new solution to the story. Students write a letter to the main character suggesting the 3-R strategy.
In this New Year's Resolution worksheet, learners make a list of New Year's resolutions of things they would like to change. Students complete a list of 10 items.
Second graders discuss conflict resolution. For this conflict resolution lesson, 2nd graders look at conflict scenarios and act them out in front of the class showing how they would handle the situation. They write on a piece of paper 3 reasons why they should handle conflicts appropriately. 
For this New Year writing worksheet, students read the prompt that pertains to what they want to accomplish during the new year. Students write their resolutions.
Third graders learn appropriate strategies to resolve conflicts and potentially dangerous and/or threatening situations by engaging in role playing situations.
High schoolers explore the best way to deal with conflicts. They explore and practice using appropriate behaviors when dealing with conflicts. Students explore personal needs and differentiate between behaviors that effectively resolve conflict.

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