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Students participate in a simulation of the European Council in which they debate issues and adopt resolutions. After a lecture on the institutions of the European Union and the policymaking process, students choose a country to represent in the simulation. Students complete a profile on their country, create a resume and develop proposals for each of the debatable issues.
Students create a peaceful classroom. In this classroom behavior lesson, students brainstorm ideas to create a peaceful classroom setting. Students role play conflict resolution strategies.
Identifying the antonyms for vocabulary you're learning will definitely help ensure a deeper understanding. There are 10 words included, and a detailed answer sheet. Example words include climax, resolute, and ajar. 
The wood sculpture Nkisi Nkondi is said to have been used to aid in conflict resolution. Learners pretend they are journalists reporting on a conflict in which the figure was used to resolve an issue. A creative and interesting use of both art and imagination. 
Art and culture go hand-in-hand. And, each works to represent the beliefs of its creators. Looking at the hand-carved piece Death Cart, learners explore the nature of Holy Week processions. They examine the piece, research the practice of Holy Week, then create an artistic rendering. Their art panels will express a situation on one-half and a positive resolution on the other. 
Students role play to solve various foreign policy problems. They explore how various elements of the US foreign policy system operate and practice in conflict resolution.
Students examine the topics of conflict, resolution, and solution using the book "Stone Soup." They create a class pictograph using real vegetables brought in by the students, answer story comprehension questions, and sequence the events in the story. As a culminating activity students make and eat stone soup.
Students explain the sharing of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches in the war-making power. They also gain an insight into the events surrounding the declaration of war in 1941 and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964.
Respect is vital to every relationship and every classroom. Here you will find a resource which will help your pupils to create a multimedia presentation on the topic of respect. They relate their personal behavior and experiences with regard to respect by using mind mapping. They integrate their reflections with a brief five-minute PowerPoint presentation that displays respectful behavior and how it encourages positive conflict resolution.
Students identify the conflict and plot of a story.  in this conflict and plot lesson, students explore terms such as conflict, plot, climax, resolution, and rising action.  They identify the conflict and plot of a given story.  They watch movies and cartoons and then identify the plot.
Student delegates conduct "United Nations" style session in which they are challenged to develop resolution or resolutions that address how to feed growing population, taking into consideration quality of life and impact on environment.
Students participate in activities that allow them to explore their future. Thirteen activities are listed and described which include topics such as education, resolutions, job interviews, inheritance, and environmental issues. Hands-on activities allow students to discover how choices and actions affect the future.
Students participate in a Model UN Simulation Activity in which they take the role of country delegates and NGO representatives in an attempt to develop and debate resolutions that seek to provide remedies to the problems of over-population. Students conduct independent and cooperative research, create and debate resolutions, and discuss the issues that emerged from the simulation.
Pupils link important individuals who shaped the news in 2002 by playing a variation of a game based on the idea that all people can be connected with 6 or less associations between them. They propose appropriate New Year's resolutions.
In this astronomy optics worksheet, students calculate the angular resolution and maximum resolution for given telescope specifics. This worksheet has 3 problems to solve.
Students develop non-violent conflict resolutions. In this conflict resolution lesson plan, students participate in role play conflict resolutions scenarios and design a poster that makes positive conflict resolution suggestions.
Twelfth graders determine point of view in literature and analyze the effect it has on conflict resolution. In this point of view lesson, 12th graders read a children's story and discuss the point of view of the story. Students find alternative fairy tales online and create comparison chart for the two stories. Students write a reflective paragraph about the topic.
Students examine a number of possible conflict resolution techniques and the vocabulary associated with conflict resolution. They read a number examples of conflict and determine the best type of resolution for the situation.
Students review different types of conflict resolution techniques. They practice using new vocabulary and complete a vocabulary worksheet. They identify the type of conflict resolution is being used in given scenerios.
In this conflict resolution worksheet, students read a list of steps about resolving conflicts without fighting and complete a set of discussion questions based on a referenced video program. Suggestions for related activities are also given.

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