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Learners explore the technological advancements of 1920's America. In this 1920's America lesson, students examine photographs and paintings of skyscrapers and analyze the urban growth that prompted their construction.
What a creative and engaging project to incorporate into your studies of the 1920s! Your young historians will work in groups to design a magazine discussing the political and cultural topics of the decade, each member writing one article and visual to contribute to the group project. 
Students examine American life in the 1920's. In this American history lesson, students analyze primary sources available from the Library of Congress. Students analyze primary images and documents in order to examine how American society changed during the decade.
Seventh graders visit 1920's America. In this Roaring Twenties lesson, 7th graders view a slideshow featuring images of the era. Students take notes on the presentation and discuss the issues of the era prior to writing acrostic poems about 1920's America.
Students explore American artists from the 1920s.  In this U.S. history and fine arts lesson, students visit several stations to view documents, listen to music, observe artwork, and answer written questions about  Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Langston Hughes, Georgia O'Keefe and other historical artists.
What was life like for African-Americans during the 1920s? It was filled with acute racism, gross mistreatment, and powerful Black leaders. Learn about The Great Debate, Tulsa Race Riots, the rise of the KKK, The NAACP, and Marcus Garvey. The Harlem Renaissance is also discussed.
Learners analyze a series of images from the 1920's and 30's. In this lesson on American culture, students work in small groups to analyze the art and literature of the 1920's. This lesson includes a wide variety of images, writing excerpts, and cartoons from the 20's and 30's, and web-links for all of them.
In this 1920's America worksheet, students read assigned textbook pages about the decade and respond to 47 short answer questions.
Eleventh graders interpret historical evidence presented in primary and secondary resources. In this 1920's America lesson, 11th graders compare and contrast the policies of Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. Students create charts that feature their findings.
In this U.S. economics of the 1920s and 1930s worksheet, students read a passage and then complete a graphic organizer comparing the credit, wages, employment, sales, stock market, and banks in the 2 decades.
Eleventh graders explore works of the Lost Generation writers of the 1920's. In this American literature lesson, 11th graders analyze provided selections from Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and then respond to a writing prompt about their influence.
For this global studies worksheet, students read the noted pages in their textbooks and then respond to 8 short answer questions and write a thematic essay about the 1920's and World War I.
In this changing technology of the 1920s and 1930s worksheet, students read a brief paragraph regarding technology and then complete a graphic organizer as they answer 2 questions about each of the 7 inventions listed.
In this 1920's American history worksheet, students read the provided pages about the evolving American culture during the decade and then respond to 5 short answer questions based on the reading selection.
In this 20th century American history worksheet, students read "Changing Ways of Life," and then respond to 5 main idea and critical thinking questions about 1920's America.
In this women's history instructional activity, students read the provided pages about women's rights in the 1920's and then respond to 5 short answer questions based on women's rights during the decade.
Probably one of the most transitional times in American history, the 1920's brought the advent of the radio, social reform, a shift in culture, and industrialization. Your class uses research to create radio advertisements in 1920's slang, and to compose an essay comparing various advertising media of the time. Additional web resources are included.
Discover details about 1920's America. In this American history lesson, students read From the Great War to the Great Depression. Students then research famous Americans from the time period and present their findings to their classmates.
High schoolers explore the roaring twenties. In this Progressive Era lesson, students research Internet and print sources regarding the government, economics, social issues, cultural influences, and famous people from the 1920's. High schoolers use their research findings to design a mural that represents the era.
Eleventh graders investigate 1920's America. In this political cartoon instructional activity, 11th graders interpret political cartoons from the 1920's and respond to the provided analysis questions that accompany the cartoons.

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