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By these questions your pupils will “know (the) drift” of Romeo and Juliet, Act IV.  The majority of the prompts for Act IV focus on events in the play; however, some require readers to interpret events or draw conclusions. Beware the typos!
As your class reads Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet, provide them with this reading guide. Each of the five scenes contain questions that focus on that selection. Encourage your pupils to use textual evidence (citing it correctly of course) to strengthen their answers!
In this literary elements worksheet, students respond to 45 short answer questions pertaining to first act of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
In this Romeo and Juliet worksheet, students combine music, lyrics, and drama to analyze Romeo and Juliet. Students select music to fit the theme, mood, and feeling of each act and research the lyrics. Students compose an essay about why they selected the songs for each act and also create a presentation of the songs for the acts.
Encourage your class to make Romeo and Juliet their own. Groups of three to four people choose an alternative setting and create a soundtrack and costumes before acting out one scene. Not many directions or explanations are given, but the idea can spark a wonderful activity for your learners to engage with Shakespeare's classic drama.
Shakespeare too confusing? Rewrite it! Small groups each take on one act of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, repurposing it into more modern language. They summarize the act as a group and then act out the basic play using created scripts, blocking, and costuming. Each group presents a slide show to explain their act and process before playing the recorded version. This is a fun way to get kids engaged in a sometimes-intimidating piece of literature, and could easily be rewarded by watching the 1996 film adaptation.
Students act as characters from Romeo and Juliet to carry on a cross-fire type discussion using contemporary language.
Ninth graders read and internalize the drama Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Many intriguing and thought provoking assignments are waiting for the completion of students within this lesson profile.
Explore new words in Romeo and Juliet by using this magic squares activity. Your class reviews 16 words including immoderately, culled, and crochet. Then, after they complete the chart, they add up all of the columns and rows. If they solved the puzzle correctly, the total will be the same for all columns and rows! 
This online interactive quiz on Romeo and Juliet asks general plot questions to test basic reading comprehension.
If you want to test your class' ability to identify the speaker of quotes in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this online interactive quiz may be right for you!
Students create a newspaper based on their reading of Romeo and Juliet.
This online quiz requires identifying which Romeo and Juliet character said the quote. Before giving this assignment, you will want to review the quotes to determine if they relate to your learning objectives.
In this reading and study guide, students define vocabulary and literary terms used in Romeo and Juliet Act V. Students also answer comprehension questions based on the reading.
Use this SMART board activity to review the familial relationships in Romeo and Juliet. Review the characters from the play using descriptions first, then in the context of the other characters. The SMART board file (included) guides viewers through the lesson. If you don't have a SMART board, you can download the necessary software to use the file (link is included).
In this drama study guide worksheet, students respond to 22 short answer questions regarding the plot, characters, vocabulary, and figurative language of act 5 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Readers of Romeo and Juliet demonstrate their understanding of the characters and events in Act I of Shakespeare's play by completing a Cloze Summary learning exercise.
Want to test your class' familiarity with the characters in Romeo and Juliet? This online interactive quiz asks straight forward questions about key characters.
This is a basic reading comprehension quiz on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It also includes one question about Franco Zeffirelli's film version of the play.
Students make KWL charts in order to develop questions while reading, predict while reading, and make conclusions while reading. They will work in groups to connect Shakespearean text and theme to modern day life.

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