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For those just learning Russian, the sounds and characters of the Russian alphabet will be unfamiliar. Learners can practice recognizing the Russian alphabet aurally and visually with this app.
Looking for word lists to help your language learners? Check out the courses provided here, which include not only words, but also translations, images, voice recordings, flashcards, and more to help your pupils pick up vocabulary and pronunciation.
Learning Russian can be as easy as one, two, three! Master your numbers all the way to one million with the three exercises built into this app.
In just short of four minutes, music, cartoon images, and pictures help your youngest Spanish language learners memorize basic animal vocabulary. They learn gato, perro, pájaro, and pez with the help of two silly dinosaurs. This is a free video lesson, but you can subscribe to access more lessons. 
Students examine artifacts to become familiar with Russian culture. In this Russian culture lesson plan, students watch a PowerPoint presentation and a video that shows different aspects of Russia. They act as investigators to locate information and report on one aspect of the culture. They find 7-10 images of Russian artifacts and write detailed comments.
Learners identify an abbreviation or acronym for communication purposes. Students write various messages using each correctly. Learners make a list of the most common abbreviation and acronyms used currently.
Students begin practicing with the Russian language. They are to write and speak on a very low level. In groups, they answer questions together.
High schoolers examine the role and influence of the major political, literary, and artistic figures in Russian history and in present-day Russia.
Learners explore abbreviations and acronyms. Students examine the difference between the two types. Learners complete a worksheet, sorting words. They write a creative script containing abbreviations and acronyms.

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