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Eighth graders explore how different body systems work together. In this life science lesson, 8th graders research the organs involved and functions of a body system they chose. They share their findings with the class.
Young scholars examine and discuss animal adaptation. They read an article about snakes, conduct research on ways animals adapt, develop a diagram, and write a short story written from the perspective of the animal they researched.
Young scholars analyze and measure parts of a model skeleton to determine sex, race, height and age. They produce a lab report from their inquiries.
In this online/interactive crossword puzzle about the anatomy worksheet, students read the clues across and down, type their answers, and click the short answer button to check. Students answer 7 questions.
Young scholars construct ratios using the hand as data. They use examples of cortical and trabecular bone found in the long bones to measure circumference, diameter, length, and weight of long bones. They perform computations using growth chart data.
In this health worksheet, students find the words that are related to the terms for the different bones in the human body. The answers are found at the bottom of the page.

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