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Reinforce comma rules with this grammar worksheet. Young writers read then sentences and add the commas to make them grammatically correct. The mini-lesson focuses on using commas in titles and college degrees.
Explore US history with your charges by providing age-appropriate Black History Month activities. (Five options are provided with this resource.) Read biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr., Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks and other recommended (and linked) texts as a way to learn about African-American history in-depth. Finish by conducting a class discussion about race and equality in America. 
Sixth graders make a two column chart listing ten African Americans in one column and their detailed contribution to our society in the second column. Then, they select one of the famous African Americans to research and then create a six slide PowerPoint presentation according to the criteria in the handout provided. Finally, 6th graders write a one-page personal narrative regarding their knowledge and opinions of discrimination.
Students determine that thriving African cultures engaged in international trade and exploration before the emergence of European civilization. The study ancient Ghana, its geographic locale, the diversity therein to include its people, their lifestyles, languages, and customs.
Students examine the men and women who were a part of the Harlem Renaissance. Individually, they recreate their favorite pieces of art from the time period and create their own original works after reading poem from the movement. In groups, they discuss the conditions of Harlem that made it possible for the Harlem Renaissance to occur.
Sixth graders work on developing language skills by listening and speaking. In this listening and speaking lesson set, 6th graders use Phil Mendez's, The Black Snowman, to work on oral language, concepts of print, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. They study vocabulary and print concepts in this two to three week unit.
Students research three African-American musicians and compose a report based upon their research in this Music Appreciation lesson plan for the middle level classroom. The lesson plan could be adapted for various student levels and abilities.
Students consider what defines their local town or community and create a welcome sign for their town after learning about a special sign that welcomes visitors to Las Vegas.
Students research the "Third Liberty Loan" pamphlet. In this discussion instructional activity, students read the pamphlet and discuss their opinions. Students answer questions and discuss main points of the document.

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