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In this scorpion worksheet, students read and follow directions to perform the experiment: one student tries to detect the source of vibration simulating how a scorpion finds its prey by detecting vibrations in the sand while assisted by 3 others.
A snake and a scorpion face off in this thrilling footage detailing the capture of a nighttime snack. The narrator very clearly describes the process of sound travel, and the suspense is both eerie and captivating!
Students study the discovery and import of the Scorpion Tableau. They research other examples of ancient writing systems and synthesize their knowledge of them by designing new writing systems based on these early models.
Young scientists will go buggy over this resource. After reading a passage that describes the pseudoscorpion, individuals respond to questions about this clever arachnid and use a Venn diagram to compare the pseudoscorpion to a real scorpion.
In this scorpion worksheet, students read the facts about a scorpion and write a paragraph using the facts given. Students use 6 facts given to them.
The scorpion starts out in the center of the area while all the others are one one end. The players try to run to the opposite side without being stung by the scorpion. If a player is stung, that player becomes the next scorpion.
In this scorpion instructional activity, students follow the detailed instructions to draw a desert scorpion. Students read the facts about this desert animal.
In this scorpion picture instructional activity, students view and discuss a picture of a scorpion and color the picture with vibrant colors for illustration.
What a creative means to discuss main characters and adjectives. Learners read a short story about a frog and a scorpion, discuss the characters' actions, and identify adjectives. This technique could be used to review a variety of literature-related topics.
If you are reading works by Walter Dean Myers in your class, this resource might be worth a look. Included here are activities and discussion questions for Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary, Somewhere in the Darkness, Scorpions, Fallen Angels, Now Is Your Time! The African American Struggle for Freedom, and The Mouse Rap. Pick and choose your favorite pieces or follow the general activity ideas included at the end of the resource.
Students share their knowledge of creatures that live in caves, then read a news article about new cave animals that have been found in California. In this current events instructional activity, the teacher introduces the article with a discussion and vocabulary activity, then students read the news report and participate in a class discussion. Lesson includes interdisciplinary follow-up activities.
In this online interactive reading comprehension instructional activity, students respond to 14 multiple choice questions about Steinbeck's The PearlStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about John Steinbeck's The PearlStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
Assign a paragraph a day! For the first four days, class members will need to focus in order to improve a paragraph and make it their own. Revision suggestions are given for each prompt. On the fifth day, give writers the chance to compose their own paragraph. Accompany these paragraphs with lessons on how to improve word choice and grammar. Sample revisions are included.
Investigate the life of bugs and how they interact with the environment in this integrated science and language arts lesson. Young scientists construct mini environments in cages in order to make observations. This data forms the basis of research papers and/or imaginary stories about the insect they collect on the school yard or at home.
Students read both fiction and nonfiction books with desert themes. Then they write desert stories and reports, reviewing texts for information to include in writing. Students also design desert scenes with details and setting elements imagined while reading. Finally, they research specific animals of the desert such as bats, rabbits, snakes, birds, spiders, scorpions, and beetles and draw animals and their desert homes.
In this online interactive reading comprehension activity, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about The Epic of GilgameshStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
In this literature worksheet, high schoolers respond to 10 short answer and essay questions about The PearlStudents may also link to an online interactive quiz on the novel at the bottom of the page.
For this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, learners respond to 10 multiple choice questions based on The Secret Sharer. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Learners explore the environment by creating a poster presentation. In this biome lesson, students identify the characteristics of a desert and the species which inhabit it. Learners create a bulletin board based on a specific biome such as savanna, tundra or rainforest.

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