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In this Scotland worksheet, students complete questions and discussions on 5 pages that pertain to the geography and culture of Scotland. This is intended for use by ESL students.
Middle schoolers create a mind-map around a map of Scotland and listen as the teacher gives them basic information. In this geography lesson, students take a quiz about Scotland. Middle schoolers then complete a series of worksheets related to various aspects of Scotland after discussion with the teacher before each. 
Students investigate global geography by researching the country of Scotland. In this cultural investigation lesson, students view images of Scotland on a computer and listen to audio interviews about Scottish citizens. Students identify "present perfect" tense and identify its use during interviews with Scottish people.
Pupils prepare to read Scotland by Richard MacAndrew. In this literature lesson, students participate in classroom activities that require them to discuss literature genres and predict the content of the book. Pupils also respond to post-discussion questions after they have read the book.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, learners read "Interesting Facts about Scotland," and then respond to 23 short answer questions about the selection.
Students research and study the independence of Scotland. They read articles about Scottish independence. Students explore key vocabulary words found in the news article. After reading about the Independence of Scotland, they complete worksheets.
Learners conduct online research to investigate the American tradition of Tartan Day, to research clans and tartans, and to find more information about the heritage of Scotland.
In this research skills worksheet, students examine a list of names of 20 towns and villages in England, Scotland, and Wales. They use an atlas of Great Britain to find any fake names and place a mark in the box next to it.
In this research worksheet, learners find information about Macbeth the King of Scotland. Students answer 4 essay and short answer questions about Macbeth.
Students read and discuss a news article about a school in Scotland that is using fountain pens to write with. They answer article comprehension questions, participate in a discussion about the importance of handwriting, write their names in old style letter forms, and write a journal entry.
Young scholars study Lady Anges Randolph and other heroic woman using multimedia. They create class presentations with their findings. They write a diary about living in a medieval castle after researching what life was like in them.
Students read, analyze and critique a newspaper article about ancient musical tunes that have been found in a church in Scotland. They assess key vocabulary terms found within the article and compose lyrics for a song after answering a variety of comprehension questions.
In this recognizing time and timetables worksheet, students compare Julian and Gregorian calendars, determine leap years, and apply the formula for finding the day of week and Easter day for any year. Students solve 20 problems.
In this geography of Glasgow activity, students examine a detailed bird's eye view of the city in Scotland. Students discover the location of the city center in relation to the ocean by studying the unlabeled map. There are no questions.
In this River Clyde, Scotland geography worksheet, students study a detailed pictorial map. Students learn that the river is used for work and pleasure as they study locations on a labeled map. There are no questions.
In this River Forth in Scotland geography worksheet, students learn of important industries and settlements by studying the pictorial map. There are no questions to answer.
In this geography of Scotland worksheet, students examine a pictorial map of Edinburgh. The map is unlabeled but shows the parks, waterfront and residential areas of the city.
Students listen to the Scottish tale, The Princess and the Golden Shoes, creating a character chart. They develop a newspaper containing news stories, personality profiles, and editorials regarding The Princess and the Golden Shoes.
Ninth graders examine the impact of the green carrot in the UK. In this Current Events lesson plan, 9th graders read an article on the green carrot. Students complete guided questions on the reading.
In this world history worksheet, students read a brief history about William Wallace, the Guardian of Scotland. Following this story, students construct a timeline to show the key events in the life and times of Scotland's hero. They also describe why he was hated so much and why the Scottish people regarded him as a hero.