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For this past tense verb worksheet, 3rd graders read the passage about Hoover, a famous seal. Then answer the questions about Hoover. No questions are listed.
Students pour, label, streak, seal and store plates in an incubator. They identify areas in their environment that provide a rich fauna of microbes once they have been swabbed. They identify areas of contamination through a laboratory report.
Students compare the different forms of water and observe an experiment demonstrating how water flows downward. On the first day, they examine sealed bags containing the three forms of water. In cooperative groups, students conduct experiments and record their findings to complete the activity.
In this state seal worksheet, students study the state seal of Alaska. Students color the seal and enhance their fine motor skills.
Students research the tradition of using personal seals from ancient to contemporary times in China. They become familiar with several Chinese characters and reproduce a facsimile of a Chinese personal seal or chop and use it to mark their work
Fifth graders understand the job of a wildlife biologist. In this Arizona wildlife lesson plan, 5th graders research and create a new wildlife symbol following the process for making it into a law. Students make original state seals.
Students explore the benefits of rereading a story to increase their oral reading speed, fluency, and comprehension. They work with a partner reading the story "What Will the Seal Eat?" They time and encourage each other in each reading, and complete their partner's record chart.
In this word recognition activity, students trace the word seal, write it independently, and identify it in a group of other words.
Students examine the "ee"=/e/ digraph in written and spoken words. They observe how their mouth moves when making the long /e/ sound, recite a tongue twister, and make words with Elkonin letterboxes. Next, they read "What do Seals Eat?" while the teacher listens for miscues.
Students investigate the design of a seal that is for a family, class, or school. They design one and explain the meaning of each symbol on the seal in the form of a journal entry. They also conduct research to find examples of seals for inspiration.
In this word practice instructional activity, students complete a word scramble, a similar/differences activity, a word creation activity, and a word search puzzle. All activities relate to seals.
In this seal information worksheet, students read several informational passages about seals. Students learn facts about the animals and read a poem.
Students are presented with a problem of an industrial site is losing water through a pipe leakage. They need to find an appropriate material to seal the joints. Working in groups, they analyze the situation, collect additional information, make a prediction about best sealant to use, and carry out an investigation.
Young scholars research the White House and find out the importance of the Oval Office to the history and government of the United States. They find pictures of the Oval Office and the Presidential seal. Students find out about security measures to protect the president. They are asked what famous events in history have taken place inside the Oval Office?
Students discover that a layer of fat just under the skin is highly adaptive for living in cold water. They coat one hand with vegetable shortening and dip the hand in the ice water. They explain that the layer of vegetable fat insulated their hand against the cold, much like a layer of fat insulates whales, penguins and seals.
Young readers assess comprehension in this short answer and writing worksheet. Additionally, they answer six questions.
They observe and measure how carbon dioxide affects air temperature in plastic bags when exposed to a light source. They comprehend the connection between global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. Pupils comprehend how indviduals can help lower carbon dioxide production.
Fourth graders examine the meanings of symbols on the Ohio state Seal. They create their own personal seals which include three items about themselves. They write explanations about their seals.
In this directed drawing seal glyph activity, students follow directions to draw a seal. Detailed , multi-step directions are given. Students draw features according to specific preferences.
Young scholars research the judiciary branch of government, the way in which judges are appointed and the apparent loopholes and remedies in the legal process.

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