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Students practice writing a five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings, correct spelling and punctuation, and appropriate margins.
For this sentence beginnings worksheet, students provide their own beginnings for the sentences given to them. Students do this for 10 sentences.
Students write a five sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings. In this paragraph writing lesson, students use a teacher modeled procedure. They complete a worksheet about their favorite things, happenings, and places before turning the ideas into a paragraph.
For this complete sentences worksheet, students complete 10 yes or no questions about sentences. Students must decide if each line is an example of a complete sentence or not. 
In this sentence worksheet, students read about imperative and exclamatory sentences, then correctly punctuation a set of 12 sentences.
Explore grammar rules by completing a worksheet. In this sentence structure lesson, kids define run-on sentences and read sample sentences to determine whether they are complete or incomplete. There is also a space for the writer to edit each sentence to correct its errors. 
Discuss simple, compound, and complex sentences using this resource. Using a series of examples, learners talk about the characteristics of these types of sentences. This is a quick and easy way to cover this topic.
In this CTBS usage practice worksheet, students identify simply subjects, topic sentences, sentences off topic, and combine multiple sentences. There are seventeen multiple choice questions.
Learners practice building complex sentences in this sentence combining-like exercise. Two simple sentences are given; your writers must make one reasonable complex sentence out of each pair using the conjunction provided. Ten examples in all; some include forms not found in standard American English, such as "waited from me." And editors must adjust some verb forms and syntax to create comprehensible final sentences.
In these verb tenses and word order worksheets, students complete several activities that help them learn to understand and correctly use the future verb tense and sentence word order.
Students read and illustrate silly sentences.  In this sentence structure lesson, students draw illustrations to reflect the parts of one of the silly sentences.  Students pictures should show all the parts of their silly sentence. 
In this sentence correction instructional activity, students correct the mistakes in each of 6 sentences. The errors are in grammar and word usage. Students write the sentences correctly.
Learners practice joining simple sentences to construct more complex ones. They use the provided conjunctions to link each set of two sentences together. There are 10 sentences in all. Note: This is more than straightforward sentence combining. Learners need to adjust the form of several words and syntax to make clear final sentences. Good challenge for advancing command of the language.
In this writing sentences worksheet, students read the sentences and then circle the word that best completes the sentence. Students write their word on the line.
In this sentence completion activity, students read the sentences and choose the best word to complete each sentence. Students complete 12 sentences.
In this sentence completion activity, students read the sentences and choose the best word to complete each sentence. Students complete 12 sentences.
In this fragments and run-on sentences worksheet, 6th graders rewrite 8 sentences so they are grammatically correct as compound sentences.
Here is a classic worksheet that allows learners to practice identifying topic sentences. They read five different paragraphs about various topics, and underline the topic sentence in each paragraph with a green crayon.
Eight sentence starters are written out with boxes to paste eight endings from below. Learners can cut out the endings at the bottom or practice writing the correct ending themselves. Work on creating complete sentences with your young ones.
In this sentence completion worksheet, 5th graders read the sentences and select the best word or words to complete the 12 sentences.

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