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Health and H1N1 flu lesson plans may be able to help keep students in school and learning.
You won't get lost, after learning map skills during Geography Awareness Week.
Detailing the stages of language, sound, word, and grammar acquisition for babies, this presentation is a great addition to a lecture that focuses on how the English language is developed in small children. Additionally, the slideshow provides (humorous) links to videos of babies and children in the beginning stages of language acquistion, as well as studying children's development of humor.
Should your dog be watching tV? Read the article and then fill in the blanks by memory. Encourage a friendly debate: would you get DogTV for your beloved pet?
Although summer is gone, these tips for increasing literacy can be used year-round.
Encourage and recognize peace in classrooms, cities, states, and countries.
First graders develop the skills needed to improve writing skills. They use different practice writing prompts to use different styles while looking at the characteristics needed. Students make connections to their lives while writing and then write reflectively.
Students explore how technology and science have created the plastics that make toys.  In this industrial processes lesson students work on their own injected molded product and a blow molded product.
In this filling forms activity worksheet, 5th graders color the picture and fill in the information requested to get a bookmark from the Hong Kong Museum of History.
Eleventh graders brainstorm personal experiences and create journal entries that reflect these experiences. They select and develop one of these journals into a personal narrative. They revise and edit their narratives through peer response writing and editing groups.
Students engage in a variety of activities in order to increase knowledge about The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. They build a model of the ear and demonstrate to the instructor the anatomy of the ear and explain the dynamics of hearing loss.
Read about Jim Henson's Muppets! Cut this worksheet in two, so that each learner can have a bell-ringer activity. As they read the excerpt, they correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors. 
In this using extrapolations worksheet, 6th graders use data analysis to answer nine questions about data prediction and extrapolation.
Learners examine the concept of American Communication and technology. In this communication lesson plan, students work in small groups through to complete a variety of lessons and activities that enable them to understand how media is transmitted from one form to another.
Students compare and contrast puppet theater traditions. In this cultural traditions lesson, students watch film clips of bunraku puppet theater in Japan and then research the art of puppet theater in the world. Students share their findings with their classmates by completing 1 of the 5 listed follow-up activities.
Students gain an understanding of shapes and patterns using Interactive Math Journey while reviewing the names of shapes and colors.
Students create a travel diary for a class trip. They collect "souvenirs" from the trip and illustrate in their diaries things they saw and liked it. They create a journal entry about their trip, as well.
Students discuss the relationship teenagers have with the television. In groups, they watch different excerpts from various television shows and note every instance of violence including children. They also discuss the instances of stereotyping on television and how it influences those who watch it. To end the lesson, they identify ways they can reduce the amount of television they watch.
First graders associate events and objects with day or night. They create a word bank and use is as a reference to create sentences about the sun. They conduct sun-themed experiments and art projects.
Pupils investigate their knowledge about HIV/AIDS and read an online article about treatments that have been prolonging lives of sufferers. They create media campaigns to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

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