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Turn your class into a group of self-motivated learners with this goal setting resource. Children will take ownership over their own education as they set goals for themselves and reflect on their progress, creating a record of growth from the beginning of the year to the end.
Third graders read and discuss the book, Miss Rumphius. They go over new vocabulary included in the book and discuss the concept of setting goals. They set their own goals for the summer and present them using a graphic organizer which shows how those goals will be accomplished.
Setting goals plays a major role in becoming a self motivated learner. Young scholars will read and discuss a story, set personal goals, and analyze a sacred prayer. This lesson includes: teacher evaluation, goal worksheet, prayers, story, and well thought out discussion questions. Note: This is clearly intended for a religiously affiliated audience and not appropriate for the public school setting.
Students set goals for their class. In this community building lesson, students evaluate what the climate of their classroom is like and discuss what they would like it to be like. As a class, they create goals for the class to reach.
Students review the importance of goal-setting and the steps in the goal setting process and practice cooperative behavior while reviewing concepts, setting goals, and formulating short term plans.
Learners examine the process for setting goals. In this setting goals lesson, students review Part 1 of this lesson to determine their understanding of setting goals. They participate in a cooperative activity in which they practice teamwork. They discuss how they will improve their behavior after thinking about what went well during their teamwork activity.
Students set goals. For this goal-setting lesson, students discuss the benefits of setting goals and examine how goal-setting could help them improve their grades.
Students explore the importance of setting goals. In this guidance lesson, students generate personal and academic goals for the school year. Different activities are provided for seventh and eighth grade.
Students construct SMART goals. For this goal-setting lesson, students discover how to write a SMART goal for their student portfolios. Working in pairs students write short-term goals that will build towards a long-term goal.
Pupils analyze personal goals and set goals for themselves. In this goal setting lesson plan, students discuss short and long term goals. Pupils visit a website about goals and use the FCCLA planning process to set their own goals.
Fifth graders set goals for themselves and evaluate themselves a month later.
In this setting goals worksheet, students list things they want to accomplish, pick one and plan how to achieve it and deal with setbacks.
In this setting goals worksheet, students read tips on ways to set goals in the 6 areas of your life. Students read 3 tips on how to be happy on this worksheet.
In this setting goals worksheet, students write their goals pertaining to finances, health, friends, education, and family. Students answer 3 short answer questions.
Students explore reasons for setting goals and techniques to achieve them. They discover the importance of setting goals, both short-range and long-range. Students assess their own situation and write specific goals to meet their personal, educational objectives.
Fourth graders view a PowerPoint presentation "Setting goals." They use Kidspiration to organize long and short term goals for academics. Students write essays about Goal Setting. Students work in groups and create a dialogue involving their entire group, and edit with "Movie Maker."
Avoid the beginning-of-the-year scramble by having a strategy for the first few days of school.
Students reflect on and rank the importance of their five most important goals. They rank various statements on a worksheet, set goals for themselves and identify the steps they need to take to achieve them, and discuss the activity sheet of goals with their parents.
To be the very best musician one needs to be wiling to practice at home. Here is a handy guide to give your young musicians a leading edge on home music practice. It includes a warm up, cool down, suggestions for setting goals and for improving general skills. Hand it out and watch them become experts and putting practice first.
Sixth graders experience and practice real-world geography, science and math as they imagine planning out the ultimate road trip. They set goals and maintain a daily budget as they are given a set of rules as they plan their road trip with a partner.