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First and second graders expand their vocabulary by reading a word recognition booklet.  In this English vocabulary activity, learners utilize a booklet of 220 basic sight words which they read over everyday and are quizzed on the spelling or definition. They complete a recognition test once a week to keep their skill set sharp.
Students identify sight words.  In this sight words lesson, students pull one card from the can and read the sight word written on the card.  If they say it correctly, they keep the card; the kids with the most cards at the end win.
Sight words, word recognition, and flash card drills are the mode for teaching that is outlined here. To increase weather vocabulary and content specific word recognition, kids with special needs work through flash card drills. The teacher chooses several weather words out of a weather report, uses them to create flashcards, then drills the learners until they can identify them correctly. They then attempt to identify each word in context. 
Students make their own book with sight words listed in it. When it is center time, take two to four students to work on their sight words. Students play a game using the their sight words book. Have the students take turns rolling a dice. The students get to move the number they rolled if they correctly identify one of the sight words.
Students write an original journal of words they can read.  In this sight words lesson plan, students draw pictures and write words they recognize in their personal journal. 
First graders identify common sight words that are important for success in reading. They identify and orally name 90% of the sight words for the teacher after playing the sight word board activity.
Here is a clever lesson which invites learners to pretend as if they are at a restaurant eating sight word soup. Each noodle in their bowl has a sight word on it and they must read their words to their group members. They can also create complete sentences.
First graders play a game in small groups using sight word cards. Each student receives 4 cards and put four cards in the middle. The student with the largest word in their hand begins first. They flip over the top card in the middle and if they have the card in their hand, they read it and take the card from the middle pile and their card and put them in a pile.
Study sight words with readers. They will use colored index cards to drill sight words. They also perform a fitness activity written on the card while they read the word.
First graders add to their repertoire of sight words. In this sight word lesson, 1st graders read the DK book Big Book of Things That Go listening for transportation words. Students also brainstorm common pets. Students use the transportation and pet words to write sentences.
Students develop their spelling skills. In this sight words lesson, students learn to play 4 classroom spelling games that develop their spelling skills.
First graders explore the word "big". In this sight words lesson, 1st graders examine the word big. Students read the book The Big, Big Manand identify each time the word big is used. Students think of something that is big and draw a picture of it.
First graders complete a variety of art, reading, and other creative activities to help them learn the sight word BIG.
Students explore language arts by completing a vocabulary activity. In this sight words lesson, students discuss the commonly used words that are seen often in writing and define 10 new words each week. Students utilize flashcards, buttons, and dice to play games which expand the vocabulary of the children over several weeks.
First graders identify sight words. In this learning sight words lesson plan, 1st graders view flash cards to practice the words and identify them in a poem. 
In this crossword puzzle worksheet, students read the clues to find the 32 sight words that complete the crossword puzzle. Students may use the word bank for help.
In this sight word worksheet, students complete a crossword puzzle using a set of 29 clues given at the bottom of the page. Answers are included.
An enthusiastic woman's voice begins this video! She proceeds to clearly enunciate a large variety of mostly single-syllable sight words shown clearly against a blue background. After about three minutes of the video are some slightly harder words.
A collection of single-syllable sight words appropriate for kindergarteners flashes across a yellow screen. Each word is clearly read and is printed in dark black lettering.
In this sight words worksheet, learners look at the list of sight words (at, big, can, funny, get, help, me, we) and locate them within the word search puzzle.

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