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In this sight word worksheet, students are given a calendar naming 4 weeks worth of sight words and their activities for each school day of the week. Activities follow on subsequent pages.
Students recognize a list of sight words. In this sight words instructional activity, students participate in a circle activity to identify sight words.
Learners explore English by participating in a match game. In this sight word vocabulary lesson, students read the book The Cat's Surprise and identify the sight words which they are unfamiliar with and need to review. Learners identify the phonetics involved with the letter "O" and the different sounds it makes in the story.
Students use sight words to correctly line up. They are given a card and are to match it up with the set taped to the floor. They read each card and show it to the class before they move to their destination.
Are you working on sight words in your kindergarten class? Send a sight word template home with your kindergarteners. After cutting apart the flash cards, class members practice reading twelve common sight words.
Review sight words with readers. They will look over their sight words and come up with sentences for each of them. They also review the alphabet and identify unfamiliar words.
Students practice sight word recognition using dolch word lists, or high frequency words. They' mastering of these words helps with reading skills, and builds reading confidence. This worksheet combines sight words with money recognition.
In this sight words A-F worksheet, students review, pronounce and utilize in speech twenty four sight words and then locate and circle each one in a word search worksheet.
In this sight words worksheet, students read the sentences and fill in the blank with one of the sight word options. Students complete 8 sentences.
In this sight word worksheet, students write the correct sight word in the blank to compete 4 simple sentences. Sight words used are like and my.
Students engage in a lesson that uses sight word strategies in order to increase reading comprehension. The skills are applicable to rote skill, math facts, formulas, etc... The lesson includes sample exercises for the teacher to use for direct instruction.
In this reading practice worksheet, students read 8 sentences and fill in the blanks in each of the sentences with 1 appropriate sight words listed.
In this sight words activity worksheet, learners use the 35 clues and word bank to identify the words needed to complete the crossword puzzle.
In this sight word activity instructional activity, students use the 41 words in the word bank to locate and identify them in the word search puzzle.
In this sight word worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 12 sentences using words from the bank at the top of the page. They insert words such as seven, shall, show, six, and only.
Pupils practice sight words. Game begins with the first student rolling a die and moving the number of spaces shown on the die. If they lands on a shaded square, he or she turns up a card and reads it aloud.
In this sight word worksheet, students write the correct sight word in the blank to complete 4 simple sentences. Words used are "and" and "the."
In this ESL sight words worksheet, students practice tracing a set of 10 basic sight words. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this sight word sentences worksheet, students trace the sentences that contain many sight words in them. Students trace 6 sentences total.
In this sight words practice worksheet, students read, trace, and rewrite 6 sight words. Lines are provided for students to both trace and then print the word on their own.

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