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Class members examine a series of primary and secondary source materials to try and ascertain the role films played in forming “a new generation of youth after World War I.” Individuals are assigned one of three documents to examine, form expert groups to share their findings, and then participate in jigsaw discussions. The documents, part of the packet, include a plot summary for The Jazz Singer, an excerpt from Herbert Blumer’s, Movies and Conduct, and a commentary about the film Are Parents People? Individuals craft a reflective essay to conclude the exercise. The 2001 Frontline program Merchants of Cool and the accompanying materials provided by PBS would provide a great extension to the exercises in this resource.  
For this printing practice worksheet, students practice tracing and write the word, "Singer," then color a picture of the word woman singing. Page has links to additional activities.
Students study the blues and some of the moguls of this genre of music.They conduct Internet research and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present the information collected on the selected singer/musician.
In this excellent music and history lesson, 1st graders watch movies and listen to music sung by Elvis Presley, then draw and write as if they were a famous singer. This entertaining and inventive lesson has a terrific assessment embedded in the plan. Fantastic!
Students analyze the genres of folk and country music and the importance of the singer/songwriter. They compose their own lyrics based on an inspiring event.
Young scholars practice hymn singing and participate as singers in the choir and as accompanists in the bell choir.
Students probe the musical style of scat singing with imitation instruments. While listening to the musical pieces, they identify when one singer finishes and another begins. The singing groups' styles are contrasted in this lesson plan.
Read, analyze, and critique a newspaper article about a concert with a Western singer and an Iranian band. Scholars will assess key vocabulary terms within the article, learn how to understand a short news report, and hone in on how the article utilized present perfect tense.
Students identify various instruments and styles of music from South India-Kerala. In this music lesson, students discover main languages of South India and the Kathakali dance drama. Students discuss the types of singers and dancers in the dance drama. Students listen to a recording and discuss beat and percussion.
Students view examples of classical Victorian artwork. Using a painting, they discuss their own opinions about what they believe the artwork is trying to tell them. In groups, they compare and contrast the artwork of Robert Harris and John Singer Sargent.
Third graders use a search engine to search the Internet and find the birthdates of the singers listed on the Popular Singers Worksheet. They provide the URL address from which they obtain their information for each singer.
Pupils read, analyze and discuss a newspaper article about the American singer Britney Spears and the courts giving her permission to see her children three times a week. They assess key vocabulary terms found in the article and then create a poem about bringing up children.
Learners study song-poems from 1865 to the present. They explore the works of Woody Guthrie and the Almanac Singers (including Pete Seeger).
Students explore the concept of statistical data.  In this statistical data lesson, students collect age statistics on their choice of actors, rappers, or singers.  Students make a collage of the people sampled by cutting their pictures out of magazines and on-line.  Students find the 5 number summary for their data and plot it using a stem and leaf plot.
In this career education worksheet, students read a passage about a singer and fill in the missing information in the cloze reading comprehension activity at the bottom of the page. There are 10 fill-in's to complete.
In this career education worksheet, 2nd graders read a paragraph about a woman and her career as a singer. Students answer nine fill-in questions based on the short passage.
Students develop aromaticity of recognizing letters. They recognize short o, /o/, in written and spoken words. Students read a story and discuss the shape their mouths make when saying the short o sound. They identify words with the short o sound.
Young scholars examine how Louis Armstrong's fame spread from the African American community to the whole world. They examine how his singing style influenced both popular and jazz musicians by participating in guided listening of his musical pieces.
Students listen to and analyze songs of folk rock musicians of 1970 and then compose and perform a song in a popular or folk style for acoustic guitar and voice or for two acoustic guitars.
Pupils conduct research on a famous country music singer. In small groups, they conduct research, and construct and decorate a paper cutout of their selected country music singer.

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