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This worksheet goes directly along with a PowerPoint presentation called - Soccer Notes. You can find it on our Lesson Planet website. The class can take notes on the worksheet as the teacher shows the PowerPoint and talks about the soccer field, player positions, terminology of the game, and how to perform some basic skills. You can also use it for a small group review, or even as  a quiz.
Here is the 2nd of 10 lessons on soccer. These lessons not only focus on skills but also on some of the social issues regarding the sport. The skills lessons seem to be created around the premise that the youngsters already have some basic foundational soccer skills, allowing them go to the next level. Lesson two adds more dribbling skills such as lunge, scissors, and rivelino. There are a couple of drills set up in this instructional activity to practice these newly learned evasive dribbling skills.
Attack and defend are the focus for this lesson plan, seventh in a series of 10. It basically pulls some of the skills together that have already been taught and allows the players to practice their specific skills in a one-on-one situation.
The concluding lesson in this four-star series is World Cup day! Players come dressed in the colors of the country they are representing for the World Cup tournament. The rules for the mini-games in this tournament are modified to allow for all the countries to play each other in a round-robin style. The top two teams will face off in a final World Cup challenge. Try to have awards of some sort for all the teams in the tournament. And most of all, have fun!!
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students use a dictionary and an acronym finder to complete the 4 reading comprehension questions about soccer.
Young scholars practice soccer kicking skills. In this soccer skills lesson, students participate in a game as they use the inside of their foot to kick the ball toward numbered cones.
Besides dribbling and passing a soccer ball there are other skills to be learned. Lesson five covers heading a ball and how to do a proper throw-in. The drills are scaffolded to build up to performing the entire skill. There are 20 lessons in this soccer unit. Click on the link and check out the entire unit plans and the individual lessons.
Eighth graders discuss and discover what a duel is. They study the history behind the famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. They then engage in "duels" of their own using a soccer ball. They keep "dueling" until a winner from the entire class is determined.
Which is a better sport: soccer or basketball? Upper elementary writers will love arguing over their favorite sports. Consider asking the class what their favorite sports are before assigning this sheet and editing the choices as needed. There is space for both a rough and final draft. 
In this soccer crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 18 clues to identify the correct soccer-related words that will solve the crossword puzzle.
Students work together in teams to play a variation of tennis and soccer combined.
Seventh graders demonstrate basic soccer concepts using hand-eye coordination and a paddle and a ping pong ball. In small groups, they play a traditional game of soccer, but with each student using a ping-pong paddle with the object being to make a goal with a ping-pong ball.
Students reinforce the cues involved in order to successfully trap a soccer ball with the sole of their foot.
Pupils learn soccer skills and how to assess progress.
Free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks. These are types of kicks in the game of soccer. Lesson four is all about learning and practicing how to kick the ball. Laces, laces, laces. That's the part of the foot that should make contact with the soccer ball.  This is the fourth instructional activity out of 20 in this soccer unit. There are links to the other lessons.
There's more to soccer than just playing the game. Here, the class is introduced to the duties of the: owner, manager, coach, captain, statistician, publicist, and referee. Each of these roles have specific duties in order for a team to run smoothly. Of course, in school, several of these roles are not a part of the PE class. Emphasis is put on the role of young scholars as referees. Fairness, honesty, and judging to the best of ones abilities is stressed. There are 20 lessons in this soccer unit with links to the other lessons and to the soccer home page.
In this soccer vocabulary words activity, students fill in the blanks to sentences about soccer by choosing the correct word. Students complete 10 problems.
Students take digital pictures of their partners performing soccer skills. They incorporate the pictures into a PowerPoint, IMovie or poster presentation.
Another lesson set up for teams to practice their skills and prepare for the World Cup tournament the class will have. There is a great warm-up for this lesson. It's called the Team Marathon, Activities and Sequence. It includes activities like jumping rope, hula hooping, dribbling a basketball, singing a song, and more. Sounds like a fun warm-up activity. After that the class practices their soccer skills. Once again, there is a button to click to get to the rest of the lessons in this unit.
For this literacy worksheet, students look for the answers to the activities that are based on the game of soccer. They include word searches and some other puzzles.

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