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Seventh graders participate in a mini world cup competition. They improve their soccer skills and build teamwork. They research and draw the flag from the country they represent. They follow traditional soccer rules and participate in the competition.
Students practice their multiplication facts by reinforcement and repetition. Students write facts in their math journals, and use labeled soccer ball and deck of cards to practice multiplying by "number of the day." Play continues until all students have turns and/or collect most playing cards.
Students participate in a mini-unit that focuses on living in a city. They are to attend a concert, soccer match, and visit an art museum. This could be done using the internet and conducting research.
Eighth graders play "human foosball" to discover how to use positive statements instead of negative ones inn game situations. By using "booster statements," they foster teamwork while building self confidence. After completing the game on a soccer field, 8th graders add positive statements to add to the booster board posted in the gym.
Students analyze poetry. In this cultural perspectives lesson, students read the poem "Soccer Until Dusk" by Mark Brazaitis. Students analyze the poem and consider the cultural perspective it reveals.
Students calculate the area of different polygons. In this geometry instructional activity, students draw shapes using different scale factors. They calculate and make sure there is enough room for te soccer arena through their calculations.
Students compare perceptions of time. In this cultural values lesson, students discuss cultural perceptions of time after they read "Soccer Until Dusk," and "The Meaning of Time."
Students analyze the best uses of time in other cultures. In this time use lesson, students read the poem 'Soccer Into Dusk' and 'The Meaning of Time' as analysis of time usage in other culttures. Students complete a discussion, journal activity, and pie chart activity as part of the lesson.
Fifth graders demonstrate proper kicking technique as it is used in soccer. They practice kicking with different parts of the foot and participate in a kicking relay.
Students participate in a variety of physical activities working in small groups. They build teamwork as well as improve their athletic skills. They work cooperatively playing soccer, badmitton, frisbee, bean bag bowling and other games.
Learners participate in physical activities involving motor skills. They demonstrate the basic skills of handball such as dribbling, passing and shooting. They perform basketball and soccer activities.
Students practice passing and kicking a soccer ball. In this passing skills lesson, students are split into two teams and practice making passes to their teammates. There are different variations included in this lesson, such as adding more soccer balls.
Fifth graders problem solve to determine if a fundraiser will be successful in the money raising activity. For this problem solving lesson, 5th graders read a book about fund raising and write down important vocabulary words. Students work in groups to discuss a concession stand fundraiser for their school's soccer team. Students discuss profit and costs of the fundraiser. Students visit a store and note the food costs in a chart. Students answer the 'wrap up questions' worksheet.
In this Cristiano Ronaldo worksheet, students read about the life of the soccer player, then complete a variety of comprehension activities. An answer key is included.
Students improve their ability to accurately pass and trap a soccer ball.
Day 3 of the speedball unit covers the drop kick. Teach these youngsters the art of performing a drop kick with a soccer ball. Remember the ball needs to hit the ground and bounce to be a drop kick. If the ball doesn't hit the ground before being kicked, then it's a punt. Practice for a while and then play a game!
Second graders are told the no hand rule, never touch the ball with your hands. They kick and pass with instep and outside of the foot. Students are asked if they have ever watched soccer on TV? They are shown how to control the soccer ball and kick it to a partner.
Have your class participate in a variety of sports and craft activities using this resource. With sports as the theme, learners work on art projects. Students create soccer ball prints, a three dimensional football, and a sports collage.
Eighth graders discuss American sports and work in small groups to answer a given set of questions. They research Fussball in Deutschland and create a website describing their selected German soccer team..
Students investigate the demographics and team history of some of the countries participating in the 2002 World Cup soccer tournament.

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