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Students perform a successful inside of the foot soccer pass that is accurate and on the ground. They should gradually be able to pass a moving ball, pass the ball while moving, and pass with their non-dominate feet.
Students get a better understanding of the idea of soccer and this game will make soccer seem easier. Two beach balls are used instead of soccer balls and the students may kick, head, or hit the ball with their hands to knock it on the ground since it will float.
Practice spelling with this fun game in which learners move closer to the soccer goal with each correctly spelled word. The lesson comes with a special soccer field game sheet. This game could be adapted for use in a foreign language classroom.
In this letter writing instructional activity, learners write a note to a friend explaining when and where to meet for an upcoming soccer game.
Students demonstrate proper techniques of kicking, passing, and trapping a soccer ball. In this kickball soccer lesson, students apply kicking skills by placing a soccer ball on a poly spot and kicking it in the field. The students use teamwork and apply the skills learned to score goals.
Students practice golf etiquette without the use of golf clubs, balls, etc.
Third graders work as a team to play a circle soccer game. In this physical fitness activity, 3rd graders get into small groups and pass, toss and kick a soccer ball within their circle. Students do these skills in different orders, while running, and while moving across the room.
Students play a variation of Freeze Tag. Two students are selected to be noodle stoppers. Other students receive a soccer ball and place it along the goal line. They dribble their balls to the opposite goal and attempt to score. Noodle stoppers attempt to tag dribblers with their noodles. If tagged, dribblers must freeze in place.
This worksheet goes directly along with a PowerPoint presentation called - Soccer Notes. You can find it on our Lesson Planet website. The class can take notes on the worksheet as the teacher shows the PowerPoint and talks about the soccer field, player positions, terminology of the game, and how to perform some basic skills. You can also use it for a small group review, or even as  a quiz.
In this prepositions worksheet, students determine by multiple choice where the soccer ball is positioned by the box in eight pictures.
Students in a foreign language class describe and critique how soccer players act on the field: what they can, should, and must do in order to win. Students conduct individual research about a soccer player, write a short paper, and make a 5-minute presentation to the class.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students use a dictionary and an acronym finder to complete the 4 reading comprehension questions about soccer.
Students, in groups, demonstrate good balance and coordination. They also demonstrate use of good spatial awareness.
Students practice soccer kicking skills. In this soccer skills lesson, students participate in a game as they use the inside of their foot to kick the ball toward numbered cones.
Besides dribbling and passing a soccer ball there are other skills to be learned. Lesson five covers heading a ball and how to do a proper throw-in. The drills are scaffolded to build up to performing the entire skill. There are 20 lessons in this soccer unit. Click on the link and check out the entire unit plans and the individual lessons.
Eighth graders discuss and discover what a duel is. They study the history behind the famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. They then engage in "duels" of their own using a soccer ball. They keep "dueling" until a winner from the entire class is determined.
Which is a better sport: soccer or basketball? Upper elementary writers will love arguing over their favorite sports. Consider asking the class what their favorite sports are before assigning this sheet and editing the choices as needed. There is space for both a rough and final draft. 
In this soccer crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 18 clues to identify the correct soccer-related words that will solve the crossword puzzle.
Students work together in teams to play a variation of tennis and soccer combined.
In this crossword puzzle worksheet, students use a twelve-word word bank to complete a crossword puzzle about the Soccer World Cup competition. The crossword has eleven words total.

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