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A typical physical education crab soccer game just for the fun of it. Included are several ideas for accomodations and modifications.
Learners research the history and uses of the different elements in the periodic table. In this chemistry lesson, students explain the significance of an element's valence electrons. They create a multimedia presentation of an element they chose.
Young scholars volley a soccer ball in a dynamic environment in teams of 3-6 players.
Students, using a computer, demonstrate their knowledge of soccer terms.
Lesson 9 in this soccer unit is a competition between the teams performed at event stations. This lesson seems a bit vague and must be based on previous lessons. You will need to go through the previouse lessons to have a better understanding of the vents they will be participating in. There are links to the other lessons and to the entire unit.
In this coloring worksheet, students examine a drawing of a young boy who is kicking a soccer ball. Students color the picture.
In this word search worksheet, students locate the words related to sport of soccer in the word search puzzle. Students find 21 words.
I know, you are wondering what Ping Pong Soccer might be. It's a soccer type strategy game and the players use ping pong paddles to hit a ping pong ball to score in a goal. Think player safety if you are going to try this activity.  This means strict rules for swinging that paddle.
Students develop endurance and practice positioning skills for combination passing. They hit the opposing ¿¿fox¿¿ below the knees with a thrown ball. They continually reposition to provide passing options for the team-mate with the ball.
For this coloring worksheet, students color a picture of a young boy kicking a soccer ball. There are no questions associated with this page.
In this soccer worksheet, students read for information and assess reading and vocabulary comprehension. In this multiple choice worksheet, students answer twelve questions.
Who says soccer can only be played outdoors? If your PE class is stuck inside on a rainy day, try this fun activity that requires focus and patience, and will help develop passing and receiving soccer skills. Tip: Consider assigning a referee for each circle to keep track of passes and time.
Students use playing cards to determine the number of soccer passes and traps completed between partners. They add up passes at the end of the game. They can also tally face cards to see who received the most.
Improve your players' shot with these tips. The presenter points out the soccer player's positioning, making it much easier to recreate on the field.
Pupils practice soccer skills and game strategies in an active game setting.
In this English worksheet, students read "English Soccer Boss in World Cup Scandal," and then respond to 1 essay, 47 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 20 matching, and 10 true or false questions about the selection.
In this English worksheet, students read "Calls for Technology in Soccer After Referee Errors," and then respond to 1 essay, 47 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 20 matching, and 8 true or false questions about the selection.

New Review Team USA Uniforms

Collaborators prepare a proposal for the cost of uniforms for the men's soccer team. They compare soccer players' heights to those of horse jockeys and express them on plots or graphs to compare distribution of data. This would be an especially engaging assignment to give during the World Cup season or in an Olympic year. 
A great non-calculation problem that lets your math minds explore without the pressure of the right answer. Your learners will have to compare boys and girls playing soccer and jump rope during recess. How many more boys than girls are playing soccer? For every boy, how many girls are jumping rope? Have a class discussion and record the answers, try sentences and ratio relationships. 
Learn how to be a better defender! Watch this video to see some great, basic strategies for your defensive team. Consider showing this video before taking them to the practice field.

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