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Students study political prisoners from different geographic and chronologic periods. They define similarities in the prisoners experiences and characters before conducting further research into contemporary political prisoners.
Learners brainstorm examples of how they have heard or seen the word "security" used. Examples might include: security blanket, Social Security, security deposit, or security guards. They create a class list of responses, then create a second list of other words that represent security to students. Examples might include: safety, shelter, freedom, or popularity. A socratic discussion on safety concludes the lesson.
Students explore the economic conditions of Mexicans during the Great Depression. As a class, they observe photographs of Mexican migrants and examine reasons for staying or leaving. Students analyze the events contributing to the conflict between Mexicans and white Americans during the Great Depression.
Quiz your scholars on key figures of The Enlightenment using this matching learning exercise. Ten descriptions and eleven answers are provided, which learners match with one left over. Figures include Francisco Javier Clavijero, Franz Josephy Haydn, George Berkely, James Boswell, James Cook, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jose Celestino Mutis, Joseph II, Moses Mendelssohn, Samuel Richardson, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Informational text isn't provided, and would be helpful for this activity.

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