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Students explore South America. In this South American lesson, students use their geography skills to create population, terrain, biomes/vegetation, and major exports maps. Students present their finished maps to their classmates and discuss how maps allow users to learn about places.
Students explore South America. In this geography lesson, students research landmarks of historical or national significance and use their findings to create slideshows.
Students focus on the geography of the countries of South America. Using a map, they identify the European countries who claimed the South American countries and research the influences they had on South America. To end the lesson, they write an essay about the South American country they want to live in with supporting details.
Which South American countries speak Spanish? Your beginning Spanish learners will do some basic internet research to find the Spanish-speaking countries in South America, their capitals, and one major geographical feature for each country. Looking for a slightly longer lesson? Include the extension activity, which requires classmates to write postcards to each other!
Young scholars explore South America. In this geography skills instructional activity, students watch a video about the geographical features of the continent. Young scholars complete worksheets on the topic.
Sixth graders solve math problems using database operations, word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheet formatting. They demonstrate an understanding of communication skills, math, and computer skills using information on South America.
Young explorers study South American geography. They study maps and create a physical map of the Andes themselves! They also research the geography, environment, and the culture of the Andes and present a report to the class.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the map that includes all of South America's countries. Students identify the 13 countries in 2 minutes.
In this South America worksheet, students complete short answer questions on the rivers, countries, sports, and more about South America. Students complete 10 short answer questions.
In this geography instructional activity, students match the countries with the capitals in South America. The answers are found by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
High schoolers role play as tour operators by planning a group tour to a country in Africa, Asia, or South America. They research the culture, physical geography, and history of one of the countries to highlight their tour destinations. They develop a brochure or booklet that describes their three week tour itinerary.
Learners identify conditions in Europe that relate to the independence movements in South America and list reasons why President Monroe gave for recognizing the independence movement in South America.
Students identify The United States, North America, and South America on a world map. They discuss how the people of South America live and describe the geography of the land.
Third graders analyze the cultural, emotional, and physical significance of food. In this Healthy Lifestyles lesson, 3rd graders review the Food Pyramid and compare the types of foods commonly eaten in the US to those eaten in South America. This lesson includes printable handouts and additional activities.
Second graders explore information about South America and choose a country to study. They explore culture, food, geography, clothing, language, and recreation of their country. Students visualize their learning by developing a slide show in KidPix.
Sixth graders review their information from the first part of this lesson. Using the internet, they identify the political, economical and societal impact of certain events on the countries of South America. They create a petition to urge the United Nations to help one country in the area.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the map that includes all of Central and South America's countries. Students match each of the country names to the appropriate locations on the map.
Students research South American to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about its culture, traditions, and societies. In this South American research lesson, students research South American based on their export products to create a PowerPoint presentation for a classmate who is moving there. Students highlight the culture, traditions, and societies of the continent.
In this South America instructional activity, students learn about the history and development of Spanish-speaking South America. Students utilize a graphic organizer and answer several questions based on their reading.
Students visit the Locator Booth exhibit in Xpedition Hall and consider conditions to find places' positions. They see how human and physical factors define eight South American hot spots.