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Middle schoolers explore South America. For this geography lesson, students research landmarks of historical or national significance and use their findings to create slideshows.
Students explore South America. In this South American lesson, students use their geography skills to create population, terrain, biomes/vegetation, and major exports maps. Students present their finished maps to their classmates and discuss how maps allow users to learn about places.
Students identify conditions in Europe that relate to the independence movements in South America and list reasons why President Monroe gave for recognizing the independence movement in South America.
Sixth graders study geography. In this map making lesson, 6th graders examine the regions of South America. They use Google Earth as a resource to independently draw their own map of South America. This lesson includes resource links for teachers and students.
Sixth graders compare and contrast the environment, government, and economy of the countries of South America with each other. In this South America lesson plan, 6th graders collect data and complete a grid.
Sixth graders explore the geography and environment of South America. In this South America lesson, 6th graders investigate the Amazon Rainforest. Students discover the importance of this natural resource and generate predictions about the outcome of this ecosystem.
Young scholars focus on the geography of the countries of South America. Using a map, they identify the European countries who claimed the South American countries and research the influences they had on South America. To end the lesson, they write an essay about the South American country they want to live in with supporting details.
Third graders research world geography by creating a class presentation. In this South American lesson plan, 3rd graders read assigned text regarding the customs and traditions of different Indian communities in South America. Students investigate the art created by these people and present their work in a presentation for their classmates.
Young scholars explore South America. In this geography skills lesson, students watch a video about the geographical features of the continent. Young scholars complete worksheets on the topic.
Student's identify geographic features of a South American map. They use the scale of the map to calculate distances between points. They identify examples of the five geographic themes on the map of South America.
Sixth graders solve math problems using database operations, word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheet formatting. They demonstrate an understanding of communication skills, math, and computer skills using information on South America.
Seventh graders create an overlay map of South America. They show the relationships between population, landforms and economies with their maps.
Students conduct Internet research on weather and weather conditions in South America. They read a weather report in Spanish, and answer worksheet questions on South American countries and their weather conditions.
Sixth graders use a world map to trace goods they have at home back to South America. In this trade goods lesson plan, 6th graders discuss how trade movement affects everyone in the world.
Young explorers study South American geography. They study maps and create a physical map of the Andes themselves! They also research the geography, environment, and the culture of the Andes and present a report to the class.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the map that includes all of South America's countries. Students identify the 13 countries in 2 minutes.
Sixth graders fill out a graphic organizer when assigned a country in South America to research how people make a living. In this South America economy lesson plan, 6th graders present their findings to their class.
Sixth graders research and create a PowerPoint about a different physical region in South America in groups. For this South American regions lesson plan, 6th graders research the population, climate, landforms, and more.
In this South America worksheet, students complete short answer questions on the rivers, countries, sports, and more about South America. Students complete 10 short answer questions.
In this geography worksheet, students match the countries with the capitals in South America. The answers are found by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.