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In this United States history and government standardized test practice handout, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions, 2 essay prompts, and 14 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of history and government in the United States.
For this 8th grade social studies standardized test practice worksheet, students respond to 45 multiple choice and 12 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of history and government in the United States.
In this 20th century American history worksheet, students read assigned textbook pages regarding the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies and respond to 46 short answer questions.
Eleventh graders examine events leading up to and during the Vietnam War. They research assigned topics utilizing interviews, Powerpoint presentations, timelines, and collages in their presentations.
Ninth graders conduct research about significant historical persons in the realm of Science. Using the information gathered they conduct an imaginary field trip to different locations that hold historical and scientific significance.
Students discover characteristics of Pop Art through slides and discussion of the 60's era and produce a pop art portrait of themselves using Clarisworks paint program and Hyperstudio.
Students discuss major events in the 60's era including conflicts, culture, and history. Students also take a look at artists from this time and discover Pop Art. They then create their own portrait in the Pop Art style using Clarisworks Paint and Hyperstudio.
Students use observation skills to develop skills inc. They develop thinking skills and develop descriptive writing. They refine their thinking with concrete materials and make a collage that updates this mural to reflect current culture.
In this - ace word family word search, 1st graders will find and circle 11 -ace family words. The words vary in difficulty from ace to disgrace.
In this online interactive U. S. History crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 10 clues regarding the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement to find the appropriate answers to complete the word puzzle.
Young scholars identify the Presidents of the U.S. by their physical characteristics and their impact on America. For this Presidents lesson plan, students read about each President, look at their pictures, and identify each of them based on their look and their impact.
Ninth graders research various people and locations of significance that are instrumental in the development of scientific theories.  For this scientific theory lesson students use different media formats to present their research.
Students create murals. In this visual arts lesson, students study the process of creating murals and then design civil rights murals or their own.
In this new frontier activity, students respond to 16 short answer questions about the Kennedy presidency events such as the Space Race, the Warren Commission, and other events.
The best part of this presentation about the Cold War is the various pictures, photos, and maps throughout the slides. The timeline of this time period is difficult to follow in the presentation, as well as the details about several main points that are mentioned but not discussed. Perhaps utilized most effectively in the context of your existing lecture, these slides would serve as a way to connect events under the umbrella of  the Cold War.
Students examine the Tennessee state quarter. They discuss Tennessee's musical heritage, examine all of the coins and as a group, create a song about coins or money. They also complete worksheets pertaining to the lesson.
Learners discover the meaning of the word pioneer by using a variety of different activities. They are introduced to some of the pioneers of aviation in Ohio. They use coins and conduct research about some of the persons who accomplished great things in aviation.
Students examine the competition between the United States and Russia to put the first man in space. In groups, they use the internet to identify areas in which the two countries cooperated with one another to promote space exploration. They create a timeline and write an essay on the topic.
Students identify important events in space exploration history, analyze the reasons for a space station, and describe what they would do aboard a space station using Internet research.
Eleventh graders use data to discuss and describe the major cause and effect relationships of the Cold War. They are to create various results based on what they have read.

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