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In this spelling worksheet, students learn the spelling rule: "When you want to say --ee--, it's i before e except after c." Students then complete a chart separating 12 words in to two groups according to their spellings.
A useful handout for your aspiring authors to keep in their writer's toolkits, this sheet reviews the following spelling issues: when to keep or drop a final "e" before adding a suffix; spellings with silent k, g, gh, and p; "i before e"; and the 10 most commonly misspelled words. 
Use this list of spelling activities all year long to help your class spell each week's list of words! This list provides 12 different ways for class members to practice their spelling. Learners identify vowels, consonants, synonyms, and antonyms, make flash cards, compose stories, write definitions, draw, and more. This page could be placed at a station and class members could pick and choose which spelling activities they want to complete that day!
In this spelling sentences activity, 5th graders practice spelling these dictation sentences for 2 sentences every week. Students spell a total of 72 sentences.
In these spelling activity worksheets, students complete 5 different activities that help them learn to spell plurals, suffixes, double consonants, homophones, and changing verbs into nouns.
In this spelling activity worksheet, students use the blank lines to practice spelling the following words: must, same, stop, turn, wash, from, both, hide, drop, and stop.
In this spelling activity instructional activity, students make a Jack in the Box with their spelling words printed on it. Students color the picture, cut them out, and write their words on the lines to attach to the Jack and the Box.
In this Language Arts activity, learners read a short text and answer 8 questions. For example, students choose the correct spelling of the word excited.
In this spelling activity worksheet, students rewrite the words with short e and long e sounds on the lines. Students spell 20 words.
Learners practice spelling words with double letters. In this spelling lesson, students read a rhyme chorally and identify the words with double letters. Learners complete a instant activity worksheet to practice spelling their words correctly.
Students investigate Greek spelling patterns. In this Greek words lesson, students complete an oral spelling activity with their teacher and then a worksheet to learn about Greek spelling patterns.
In this spelling activity instructional activity, students read the pairs of words and circle the word with the correct spelling. Students then color the pictures of the correctly spelled words.
Third graders practice spelling ou words. In this phonics and spelling lesson plan, 3rd graders brainstorm words using the 'ou' spelling pattern. Students review compound words and brainstorm compounds words. Students complete the 'instant activity' worksheets.
In this spelling activity learning exercise, students read the sentences and write the correct spelling for the highlighted word. Students correct 7 sentences.
In this spelling activity worksheet, students read the shopping list and correct the underlined word. Students correct 21 words.
In this spelling activity worksheet, students create a robot by following the 7 directions. Students write their spelling words on the robot.
For this spelling activity worksheet, students study the pairs of words in each example. Students cross out the word with the incorrect spelling and rewrite the correct spelling. Students spell 20 words.
For this spelling activity worksheet, students read the 20 words and then correct the spelling of the words. Students spell 20 words.
In this spelling activity worksheet, students read the word pairs and circle the word that is spelled correctly. Students spell 40 words.
In this spelling activity worksheet, learners read the questions, unscramble the words to spell correctly, and answer the yes or no questions. Students then add and subtract letters to form spelling words. Learners circle the seven spelling words hidden in the track.