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Does a calculator give you the exact value of the square root of 2? Here, learners must decide if 1.414236 is equal to the square root of 2. They must also explain why the square root of 2 could never be equal to a terminating decimal. Learners must be familiar with rational and irrational numbers before beginning.
Introducing square roots into the quadratic equation mix, Sal takes care to address the ways viewers might go about solving the problems, both correctly and incorrectly. The video is an integral step in not only Sal's algebra series, but also in a developing math education.
There are many ways to approach finding the rational approximation of an unknown square root. Here is a problem that will help math learners make a connection between square roots and their order on a number line. As usual, determine two known square roots and either side of the unknown root. From there, let your number crunchers decide how they want to proceed. Using a calculator will not take away from the objective.
This lesson has a number of fun worksheets for a pre-algebra or beginning algebra class. The main emphasis of this lesson is functions, formulas, and looking at square roots. It is the third lesson in a series on solving for unknowns, which you can find if you look first at the "Getting Started" link.  This lesson, in particular, focuses on developing an understanding between the inverse relationship of squaring a number and taking its square root, finding probabilities, and creating linear equations and solving problems.
A great resource for any math teacher covering multiples, factors or square roots; this worksheet walks young mathematicians through the logic behind factoring and square roots with a systematic set of problems which gradually increase in their level of difficulty and abstraction. Problem solving. multiple choice and word problems are intermixed with mathematical rules, definitions and fun facts to create a thorough and engaging activity. This worksheet also includes a brief extension section
In this square roots worksheet, students solve problems with radicals.  They evaluate square roots.  This six-page worksheet contains 15 problems.  Answers, notes,and examples are provided.
In this square roots learning exercise, 8th graders solve 14 different types of problems to include determining the square root of a number of problems, determining the area of a rectangle and the length of a side of a square with the same rectangle. They also determine the length of each unknown side of the illustrated right-angled triangles and then, find the length of a diagonal of each rectangle. Finally, students determine the value of problems and write their answer in fraction form.
Students find patterns relating the lengths of the sides of squares to their areas. In this squares and square roots lesson, students draw squares and find their areas. They estimate the sides of square when given the area. Students use the Pythagorean Theorem to check their work. The culminating assignment, requires students to write a short paper about squares.
In this square root worksheet, students solve problems with exponents. They find the square root of given numbers. Students ill in missing numbers on a radical clock face. This eleven-page worksheet contains notes, detailed instructions and approximately 30 problems.
Learners graph square root functions by using transformation. For this square root functions lesson plan, students also describe the vertical stretch, reflection, and horizontal and vertical shift of the function.
Students solve quadratic equations using the square root. In this algebra lesson, students identify the different properties-of a parabola and the x and y intercepts. They relate parabolas to the real world.
Students use a dot table to draw squares and then describe the diagonals using the square root formula. In this square root lesson plan, students use the Pythagorean Theorem to check their answers.
Discuss the definition for a simplified form for a square root. Middle schoolers analyze different forms of a square root, the Product Property of Square Roots, and complete a worksheet.
Young scholars investigate the concept of square roots and exponential growth. They solve problems involving square roots and the teacher must create examples for visual learners. Then students take part in independent practice to solve new problems using exponents.
Students explore the process of inverse operations to solve square root problems. After exploring the perfect squares and area, students examine methods to find square roots by observing the teacher, taking notes, and listing vocabulary words. Students complete an equivalent equations sheet.
In this squares and square roots worksheet, students practice finding the squares of numbers and the square roots of numbers given word problems.
Fourth graders discover that the inverse of squaring is finding a square root. and that square roots are found in many formulas used in many disciplines. They utilize a worksheet imbedded in this plan that gives them quite a bit of practice.
Students calculate the square root of a given number using carpenter's square measurements. In this math lesson, students relate this method on the Pythagorean theorem. They answer practice problems after the exploration activity,
Students are introduced to a method for finding square roots used by the Babylonian people of Mesopotamia. The method involves dividing and averaging, over and over, to find a more accurate solution with each repeat of the process.
Ninth graders identify numbers as rational or irrational. Using calculators estimation, and factoring methods, 9th graders compute the square root of numbers. They graph numbers in sequential order and round numbers integers to the nearest tenth.

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