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How can the decisions of local government impact each individual citizen? Your class members will take on the roles of shareholders and consider a proposal to build an airport in their community. Working in groups, they will make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners by delivering a two-minute presentation and then hold a final vote.
Third graders study their local governments and leaders. For this local government lesson, 3rd graders learn facts about the local government and interview a local leader. Students complete a chart with information they know about their local government.
Seventh graders investigate the role of local governments. In this government lesson, 7th graders examine historical photographs and determine what services are being performed in the photographs. Students research how the services are provided now and write persuasive pieces.

New Review Create a City

What is the purpose of a city charter? What services do local governments provide to their citizens? Is there an ideal way for citizens to behave? Approach these often overlooked yet important questions with your class members by having them work in groups to design their own new cities.
Seventh graders explain how local government impacts various aspects of daily life in their community. They strengthen their understanding of the connection between their local government and the needs and interests of their community.
Students attend a local assembly meeting of local government officials and keep a journal of what they saw. In this assembly lesson plan, students also discuss government and how they think government can influence society.
Seventh graders study how local government impacts various aspects of daily life in their community. They examine the structure and function of city, county, and state governments and reflect on the issues that are most important to them and their community.
Third graders research their local government and leaders. Throughout the lesson, they engage in discussions, a visit by an elected local government official and research. In addition, 3rd graders study some basic facts about the local government.
Examine the basic functions of each level of government. A great activity where your students take a walk around the neighborhood and identify what is taken care of by local government agencies They explore various websites, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation and newsletter.
Students explore their local govenment structure and the people who hold various positions of power.
Young scholars analyze and discuss the local government structure and the people in the various positions. They keep a journal/scrapbook to include at least 10 articles from the local paper relative to actions of the local government that impacts their community.
Students research Alaska's state, local, and tribal governments, as well as Alaska's long and complex relationship with the federal government.
Students explain origins of Virginia's unique local government organization, define numerous terms essential to understanding local government, and evaluate impact of Dillon's Rule on local government in Virginia through debate.
Students explore the function of local government. In this local government lesson, students discover how local government functions. Students participate in activities that require them to balance a city budget and provide services for citizens.
Students investigate the purposes of state and local government. They categorize newspaper articles into state and local issues. Pupils summarize nonfiction text. Students given an oral presentation on a news report to the class.
Here is a super short quiz you can use after reviewing local governments and community organizations. There are five multiple choice questions and five matching questions all related to community groups and government. 
Students explore issues and situations that make for a city and its local environments. In this local government lesson plan, students design maps, define issues and create brochures that illustrate their understandings of these concepts and how local government works to solve these issues.
What is the difference between a county and a city? Using information they've gathered from a well-organized presentation and engaging role play, learners distinguish the kinds of government services each type of local government provides, as well as the ways in which they exercise their unique authority.
Fourth graders research services and responsibilities of local government. They use cameras to take pictures of local government in action and create posters with them.
Using a federal power cheat sheet and readings on delegated powers of the national government in the United States, your young citizens will evaluate a hypothetical list of proposed laws for the state of "Pendiana". They will then determine which laws the state does not actually have the power to pass, and conclude by writing a fun eight-frame cartoon involving eight state powers of their choice.

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