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In this word search activity, students locate fifteen state capitals in the puzzle that begin with A-C. The word list includes Albany, Boise, and Concord.
Students explore the concept of stem and leaf plots.  For this stem and leaf plots lesson, students plot the 50 US states' capitals on a stem and leaf plot according to the first letter of each state.  Students compare their stem and leaf plots with their classmates.
Students explore map skills. In this state capital lesson, students view a United States Political Map and identify and use post-it notes to label the state capitals.
Young scholars take an online multiple choice quiz on the state capitals. There are fifty multiple choice questions. After the quiz is over, students can print out the results.
Fifth graders examine and research a major region of the Unites States in groups of four. In addition, they locate the states, capitals, mammals and two bodies of water or mountain ranges found within their region. After the research, they create a short play or story acting and taking their mammals through a journey through their region.
Students identify the location of the 50 states using an interactive map. They practice geography skills by playing a fun game. Pupils become familiar with the state abbreviations for the US states. Students become familiar with the state capitals for the 50 states. They become familiar with major cities in the US
Fourth graders draft a simulated email to the governor of Florida that includes their recommendation for the "Heart of Florida" (the state capital) and provides support based upon research and established criteria.
Students read about a girl who takes a trip during the time of the State Capital moving to Indianapolis and then write their own essay about a trip that they took. In this Indianapolis Government lesson plan, students use maps and complete discussion questions.
Students get a cardiovascular workout while applying geographical concepts and processes by keeping track of mileage traveled from location to location until reaching the state capital.
Learners write a description of the spatial organization of the former and present location of New Hampshire's state capital. They analyze maps, participate in a class discussion, and calculate the distance of Concord from the borders of the state.
Students discuss what is a map and what they already know about maps. They brainstorm together to compile a list of responses for the board and observe a map of the United States, including states, capitals, and some of the National Parks.
In this United States worksheet, students complete a vocabulary maze involving 15 United States capitals. Students start at a specific point and end up at the bold letter A in red.
Students participate in a game using index cards to help students learn the names of U.S. state capitals.
In this U.S. state capitals worksheet, students read 15 state capitals along with a hint for which state they're in. Students must write the correct state name that matches each capital. 
In this geography worksheet, students hunt for states, capitals, and national parks using a map, which is not included. They find either the state or capital, and list a national park that is found in that state. They answer bonus questions at the bottom of the page.
In this US state capital worksheet, 4th graders use the clues to fill in the names of 14 state capitals across and down in the puzzle. They answer clues with the format, "Capital of Mississippi."
In this state capitals learning exercise, students learn to match the capital cities to the 50 states. Next to each name of the state, students fill in the capital city from a list that is provided. This is an online interactive learning exercise.
In this state capitals activity, students match the city names to the states they go to. Students match 15 cities to 15 different states.
In this state capitals crossword puzzle worksheet, students read 15 state capitals and fill in the missing letters for the state they match in the puzzle. Some of the letters for each state name are filled in for clues.
In this crossword puzzle instructional activity, students are given 9 clues about U.S. state capitals. They are asked to fill in the corresponding crossword puzzle.

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