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In this word search worksheet, students locate fifteen state capitals in the puzzle that begin with A-C. The word list includes Albany, Boise, and Concord.
Learners explore map skills. For this state capital lesson, students view a United States Political Map and identify and use post-it notes to label the state capitals.
Students take an online multiple choice quiz on the state capitals. There are fifty multiple choice questions. After the quiz is over, students can print out the results.
In this United States worksheet, learners complete a vocabulary maze involving 15 United States capitals. Students start at a specific point and end up at the bold letter A in red.
In this U.S. state capitals worksheet, learners read 15 state capitals along with a hint for which state they're in. Students must write the correct state name that matches each capital. 
In this geography worksheet, students hunt for states, capitals, and national parks using a map, which is not included. They find either the state or capital, and list a national park that is found in that state. They answer bonus questions at the bottom of the page.
In this US state capital worksheet, 4th graders use the clues to fill in the names of 14 state capitals across and down in the puzzle. They answer clues with the format, "Capital of Mississippi."
For this crossword puzzle worksheet, students are given 9 clues about U.S. state capitals. They are asked to fill in the corresponding crossword puzzle.
In this state capitals activity, students learn to match the capital cities to the 50 states. Next to each name of the state, students fill in the capital city from a list that is provided. This is an online interactive activity.
In this state capitals crossword puzzle worksheet, students read 15 state capitals and fill in the missing letters for the state they match in the puzzle. Some of the letters for each state name are filled in for clues.
In this state capitals worksheet, students match the city names to the states they go to. Students match 15 cities to 15 different states.
For this state capitals worksheet, students choose the correct state capitals for each state. Students complete 15 multiple choice questions.
In this states/capitals worksheet, 5th graders match a set of states beginning with the letters O-W with their capital cities. A reference web site for additional resources is given
In this state capitals worksheet, students find a set of 8 state capitals in a word search puzzle. Capitals are found on the bottom of the page. A reference web site is included for additional activities. 
In this U.S. state capitals handwriting worksheet, learners trace 2 state names and write both their capital and the state name again on the lines provided. 
In this state capitals worksheet, students fill in missing letters to complete the spelling of 6 state capitals. A reference web site is included for additional activities. 
In this state capitals instructional activity, students write the state that each capital city belongs to and define the word. Students write 15 states.
In this state capital instructional activity, students fill in missing letters in words to complete the spelling of 15 U.S. state capitals. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
Young scholars explore the concept of stem and leaf plots.  In this stem and leaf plots lesson, students plot the 50 US states' capitals on a stem and leaf plot according to the first letter of each state.  Young scholars compare their stem and leaf plots with their classmates.
In this recognizing the fifty states worksheet, students read a list of the names of the states and complete a Double T Chart by filling in the capitals and abbreviations columns. Students write 100 answers.

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