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Students view a PBS "In the Mix" video about the use of steroids. They identify health risks, consider the emotional consequences of drug abuse and discuss the legal ramifications. They also research a variety of nutritional supplements.
Students examine the issue of performance enhancing drugs. For this health journalism lesson, students read the USA Today article titled "Baseball's Steroid Test Program: Fair or Foul?", respond to discussion questions regarding the article, and complete an activity based on the content of the article.
High schoolers explore how steroids can harm the body physically and mentally.
Students examine the problem of anabolic steroid abuse. They watch a PowerPoint presentation, identify and discuss resources available to help people with substance abuse problems, and develop a prevention plan to prevent steroid abuse at their school.
Students create skits that portray the negatives of using anabolic steroids. They prepare their skits in groups of 4 or 5 and practice for four days before presenting their skits to the class.
Students use the National Institute on Drug Abuse website to find information on anabolic steroids. They then complete an activity sheet that will help them understand the dangers of steroid use.
Students design posters that promote why you should not use steroids. They are evaluated by their poster design and creativity. They are mainly evaluated on the message which encourages people to avoid the use of steroids.
Research anabolic steroids using websites that are listed in the lesson, then, in groups, create scenarios to stop someone from using anabolic steroids. Finally, groups present scenarios to the entire class.
Student analyze the dangers of using steroids and the effects they can have on your body. They create a pamphlet to inform students and parents about steroid abuse. They can publish the pamphlets for the school community and surrounding neighborhood centers.
Students explain how using steroids can create problems for tendons in your body.
There is science behind the adage, "Cheaters never prosper!" Biochemistry or physical education classes find out how steroids, blood doping, and other performance-enhancing methods claim to work, and how unreliable and even dangerous they are. Best used in a flipped classroom, learners can watch this as an introduction or enrichment assignment. Links to reference websites provided should you want to assign additional research.
Students read an online article and examine the ideas at the heart of the congressional hearings regarding Major League Baseball and performance enhancing drugs.
Students investigate drugs in sports. In this performance enhancing drugs lesson, students discuss the uses for steroids in medicine and sports. Students utilize the web to play a steroid related game, view media clips of their favorite clean athletes and read a story about an athlete who used steroids.
Students examine where one develops his or her views about health and ways in which teen-agers exhibit these influences, focusing particularly on the rising trend of anabolic steroid use in teen-age girls.
Twelfth graders describe the relationship between fatty acids and fats. They indicate component parts of a fat molecule. They debate the use of anabolic steroids in athletes.
Students write a report on how they believe they can help their school community by informing their peers about the dangers of using anabolic steriods. They discuss their findings on the Internet with a group, but they individually write their own reports.
Students read an article about the results of steroid abuse and the negative effects is has on the human body. After reading the article, students formulate and write about their personal opinion on the issue.
Students conduct surveys regarding their campaign against anabolic steroid use. They interview their peers at school to see if their campaign has had an effect. They present the results they found with graphical organizers to the class.
Students consider prior knowledge about gravity and flight and learn the physics of the two. They examine the appeal of working for NASA by reading and discussing the article "To Lure Students to Space Careers, A Taste of Flight." They develop and pitch marketing strategies promoting careers in aerospace to young people. Finally they write recommendation letters to NASA.
This five-page exam was designed for a biochemistry and organic chemistry course. It covers the molecular geometry and properties of organic comounds. Test takers identify compounds, functional groups, and isomers. They draw Lewis structures and the products of chemical reactions. 

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