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In this language arts worksheet, students practice identifying proper subject-verb agreement in sentences. Students also identify irregular verbs, and complete 26 problems via fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and short answer problems. An online quiz is embedded in this worksheet. Terrific resource!
In this subject verb agreement worksheet, students read information about subject-verb agreement and then identify the correct verb in a sentence, practice using delayed subjects, and underline the verb that agrees with the subject in compound sentences. Students also correct errors in three paragraphs and answer a total of seventy five fill in the blank, short answer, and multiple choice questions.
Learners review the rules for subject-verb agreement.  In this subject-verb agreement instructional activity, students work through a guided process and edit their writing for subject-verb agreement.
Perfect for a middle school classroom, this two-page reference guide introduces subject-verb agreement and gives 10 specific explanations and examples. Then, independently, attempt the 15 sentences that follow. Learners must select the correct verbs to complete each sentence, paying attention to the subject. 
In this grammar instructional activity, students read 21 sentences for subject-verb agreement mistakes. Students correct the subject-verb agreement mistake in each sentence.
In this subject verb agreement instructional activity, 5th graders read the rules for agreement, then copy words, phrases and sentences showing correct agreement;  there are 50 examples on 7 pages.
Students identify subjects and verbs in sentences and identify subject-verb agreement. They view a Power Point and define singular and plural in relation to subject-verb agreement and review rules to demonstrate their understanding of the rules.
In this subject/verb agreement worksheet, students read two pages explaining the proper use of subject/verb agreement when writing. They answer 12 fill in the blank questions based on the reading.
For this subject/verb agreement worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences with the correct verb that matches the subject. Students complete 10 sentences.
The difficulties young grammarians experience with subject-verb agreement is the focus of a short PowerPoint. Although color-coded, the text-heavy presentation can be confusing. Consider pausing after each slide and providing learners with exercises for guided practice.
A straightforward worksheet on subject verb agreement challenges your young grammarians to identify the proper form of to do. Twenty questions prompt pupils to rewrite sentences with either do or does. This worksheet would be a great addition to a grammar lesson or an ESL class.
In this subject verb agreement worksheet, students read 10 sentences and choose the singular or plural verb that agrees with the subject and best completes the sentence.
Fifth graders review and practice subject-verb agreement by cutting and pasting, and by writing a simple paragraph in which the subjects and verbs agree. They utilize worksheets imbedded in this plan to practice subject-verb agreement.
Having problems with subject/verb agreement? Show your class a presentation on how to edit for conventions. Great for a unit on proofreading or during a grammar unit!
For English speakers and English Language Learners alike, subject-verb agreement can be a tricky task in sentence structure. This PowerPoint provides helpful explanations for different instances in writing sentences, as well as ten multiple choice questions to quiz what your students have learned.
In this subject/verb agreement worksheet, users choose the correct verb form in order to complete the sentences. They also rewrite sentences to change the subject from singular to plural, changing the verb so that it agrees with the subject. In the last section, they rewrite sentences to change conjunctions from singular to plural or vice versa.
Ninth graders create a script for a radio show that spotlights local events (i.e. homecoming, parades, basketball tournaments etc...) using verbs in the present tense, to practice creating compositions with appropriate subject/verb relationship.
In this nouns and verbs worksheet, students read and review all the different components to the concept of subject-verb agreement. Students rewrite 4 sentences and follow the specific instructions given for each one.
Review common errors with subject/verb agreement in this presentation, based on Mamie Webb Hixon's Real Good Grammar, Too. The slides address singular and plural subjects, indefinite pronouns, and collective nouns, complete with several examples of each. The section on collective nouns urges viewers to regard them as plural; you might want to clarify to your pupils that collective nouns can be used as singular or plural depending on the context.
High schoolers review basics of subject and verb agreement, and write sentences in which the subject and verb are in agreement.

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