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According to Sal, there are two ways to subtract mixed numbers. One can turn both mixed numbers into improper fractions, or one can subtract the whole number parts and then the fraction parts. Sal shows the step-by-step process to subtract mixed numbers by subtracting the whole numbers first and then the fraction portions last.
In order to subtract mixed numbers, sometimes one may need to determine the least common multiple in order to find a common denominator. This is just what Sal does in this presentation. First, he shows how to find a common denominator and then the process needed to subtract two mixed numbers. Note: This video clearly explains the process of subtracting mixed numbers and would be appropriate for those just learning the concept.
With a pie graph and an infinite blackboard, this video shows how to add, subtract, and simplify fractions. Once he has established the rule, Sal throws the viewer a curve ball with a fraction subtraction problem that results in a negative number.
These presentations by Monica Yuskaitis are particularly good. In this one, she shows viewers how to deal with subtracting fractions that have unlike denominator, no small task! This is a tricky process, and this PowerPoint takes young mathematicians through in clear and logical steps. Some practice problems are available at the end of the slide show.
In this math worksheet, 3rd graders master subtraction of three digit numbers minus two digits. Students work 100 problems with regrouping in each.
Learners subtract four-digit numbers from larger numbers without regrouping. Pupils play games and use manipulatives to practice problem solving. You will find some useful ideas for solidifying subtraction concepts with your math masters.
Second graders practice subtracting numbers with regrouping. In this subtraction lesson, 2nd graders participate in a subtraction drill and solve a short subtraction word problem. Students then use bundles of straws to demonstrate how to regroup subtraction problems. Students use manipulatives, such as the straws and illustrations, to solve several subtraction problems.
Students answer computation questions without paper and pencil. In this subtraction lesson, students solve word problems and complete subtraction exercises.
Fourth graders demonstrate how to subtract five digit numbers. In this subtraction computation lesson, 4th graders review how to find the difference using regrouping. Students then read a subtraction word problem involving money and go through the steps of subtracting five digit numbers in order to find the difference. Students discuss the steps in subtracting five digit numbers and practice several problems independently.
Students practice mental subtraction with fractions. Students subtract fractions with like denominators mentally to solve word problems. Students manipulate fraction bars to represent subtraction problems. Students play fraction subtraction games.
In this mathematical subtraction worksheet, students problem solve eighty subtraction equations by filling in the blanks with numbers that when subtracted from the other given numbers will equal the answer shown.
In this three-digit minus three-digit subtraction worksheet, students problem solve and calculate the answers to one hundred mathematical equations.
Third graders demonstrate how to subtract numbers with regrouping. In this subtraction computation lesson, 3rd graders review the steps of subtracting with regrouping and read subtraction word problems. Students solve these word problems by subtracting the given numbers. Students continue to practice subtraction with regrouping by solving several problems independently.
Students explore subtraction by participating in a role playing activity. In this number sense lesson, students complete practice subtraction questions in class and identify real life situations when subtraction is necessary. Students identify missing numbers in subtraction equations.
Young scholars subract large numbers without regrouping. In this subtraction lesson, students subtract numbers with up to six-digits without regrouping. This lesson provides plenty of practice problems.
Second graders explore math functions by completing a worksheet in class. In this subtraction lesson, 2nd graders identify the techniques used to assist in subtracting multi-digit numbers. Students complete a subtraction worksheet and collaborate in small groups to participate in a math race activity.
Students explore fractions by completing a worksheet. In this number value activity, students utilize flash cards to view different fractional values and identify which fractions have greater or lesser values. Students practice solving subtraction problems using fractions and complete a worksheet with visual fractions.
Third graders practice mental subtraction. In this subtraction lesson, 3rd graders subtract 2 numbers without regrouping up to the hundreds place in their head. They complete word problems with this same concept.
In this subtraction worksheet, students solve a set of 6 single-digit subtraction problems. Page has links to additional resources and paid membership.
In this four-digit minus four-digit subtraction learning exercise, students solve and calculate the answers to one hundred subtraction equations.