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Take word problems one step further with apples, dimes, and bricks! After reading the word problems, first graders write out the subtraction sentence and solve the problems. For extra practice, bring in different items and have them write out subtraction sentences in groups.
Students explore the relationship between addition and subtraction by working together to create a classroom book. They create addition and subtraction sentences from groups of pictured objects.
Learners find the missing addend in problems using 3 digit numbers. In this missing addend lesson plan, students write subtraction sentences that correspond to addition sentences.
Students show how to solve subtraction problems using manipulative materials and deductive reasoning. They construct subtraction sentences using information from the activity.
In this writing subtraction sentences worksheet, students observe pictures of objects with some crossed out, interpret their meaning, and write the subtraction sentences. Students write four number sentences.
In this writing subtraction sentences worksheet, students observe a number sentence, identify the difference, and then circle the differences in the problems. Students circle four differences.
In this writing subtraction sentences worksheet, students use pictures of various objects to count and write one-digit subtractions sentences. Students solve seven problems.
In this subtraction worksheet, students are shown how to write subtraction sentences using objects and numbers to show the difference. They are asked to write their own subtraction sentence and solve some subtraction problems.
In this subtraction sentence learning exercise, students are given subtraction story problems to solve. For each one they are asked to write a subtraction sentence, solve it, and draw or write an explanation to show how they got their answer.
In this subtraction sentences review activity, students use the provided pictures to help them solve 6 subtraction sentences. Students then write their own subtraction sentence based the provided picture.
In this subtraction sentences instructional activity, students use the math pictures to help them create a number sentence that reflects the pictures and crossed out pictures. Students write the numbers in the blank and then solve to find the difference. Students finish by writing the total number of smiley faces, and write how many are smiling and frowning.
In this math worksheet, students solve 35 simple subtraction word problems. Students read the problems and build the subtraction sentence and solve. There 5 pages with 7 problems on each.
What an activating lesson for examining subtraction! Using actual learners standing at the front of the class as the numbers, a die is rolled and the number that appears directs how many students should sit down. Give individuals a handout of a button-down shirt to place buttons on, and then take designated numbers away. Using charts and fictional stories, kindergarteners begin to understand the concept of subtraction. This makes an exciting introductory lesson when addressing Common Core standards!
Kids gain a deeper understanding of mathematical symbols, by playing an interactive game using flash cards. They complete an attached Missing Symbols Worksheet, flash card and an assessment are also included.
Third graders solve division problems with repeated subtraction. In this division lesson, 3rd graders divide two numbers by subtracting the divisor until they get to zero. They work in groups to create their own repeated subtraction problem. 
Students write the related addition and subtraction facts. They investigate fact families where one addend is 0. Students find missing addends, review the additive identity, and generatefact families given two addends or given one addend and the sum
Students find missing addends. They review the additive identity. They generate fact families given two addends or given one addend and the sum.
First graders play a variety of learning games to reinforce addition and subtraction skills.
First graders listen as the teacher taps a drum or tambourine 6 times and state how many times the teacher tapped. They place that many counters on the left side of the Two-Sided Counting Mat and add as many counters as taps are made by the teacher. They then identify the addition sentence represented by their counters.
Young learners explore addition and subtraction in an activity designed around the food pyramid. Pairs work together to collect pictures of foods that fit in each of the categories, then they add and subtract their pictures to come up with different sums and differences. An excellent worksheet is included in this activity as well.

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