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Take word problems one step further with apples, dimes, and bricks! After reading the word problems, first graders write out the subtraction sentence and solve the problems. For extra practice, bring in different items and have them write out subtraction sentences in groups.
In this writing subtraction sentences worksheet, students observe pictures of objects with some crossed out, interpret their meaning, and write the subtraction sentences. Students write four number sentences.
In this subtraction sentence instructional activity, students are given subtraction story problems to solve. For each one they are asked to write a subtraction sentence, solve it, and draw or write an explanation to show how they got their answer.
In this subtraction sentences review instructional activity, students use the provided pictures to help them solve 6 subtraction sentences. Students then write their own subtraction sentence based the provided picture.
In this subtraction sentences worksheet, students use the math pictures to help them create a number sentence that reflects the pictures and crossed out pictures. Students write the numbers in the blank and then solve to find the difference. Students finish by writing the total number of smiley faces, and write how many are smiling and frowning.
In this math worksheet, students solve 35 simple subtraction word problems. Students read the problems and build the subtraction sentence and solve. There 5 pages with 7 problems on each.
In this number sentence learning exercise, 3rd graders write a related addition or subtraction sentence for 13 math problems. Students answer 2 word problems and 2 multiple choice answer math problems relating to number sentences.
In this subtraction sentences worksheet, students read the words in each problem and write the corresponding subtraction sentence and solve it. Example: You start with 43. The difference is 41. (43-2=41).
In this addition and subtraction worksheet, 1st graders look at each puzzle piece on 5 rows and then write an addition and subtraction sentence for each puzzle piece.
Students write addition and subtraction sentences for different kinds of problems. In this subtraction lesson plan, students identify the minuend and subtrahend in a subtraction sentence.
In this number sentences worksheet, 1st graders look over 5 rows of circles, some white and some blue, and write two subtraction sentences for each picture.
For this addition and subtraction worksheet, students solve problems by filling in the appropriate number. Students answer 6 questions on the 1 page sheet, reversing the addition solution to create a subtraction sentence.
In this subtraction sentence instructional activity, students use the counting back method to help them write a subtraction solve the math riddle. Students write a subtraction sentence to prove their answer.
In this subtraction activity, students solve three subtraction story problems. They write a subtraction sentence and draw a picture to show how they got their answer.
Second graders solve open addition and subtraction sentences with one unknown number using numbers equal to or less than twenty. They identify number combinations that add up to their working number. They identify how many numbers are missing/are needed without counting on their fingers of stopping to mentally add on.
In this subtraction learning exercise, students write subtraction sentences using a picture of animals staying and leaving a pond. The learning exercise says to use cubes to help write the sentences.
In this subtraction worksheet, students solve 6 problems in which numbers below ten are subtracted. Students use the pictures to cross out what is being subtracted.
Students explore the relationship between addition and subtraction by working together to create a classroom book. They create addition and subtraction sentences from groups of pictured objects.
Students find the missing addend in problems using 3 digit numbers. In this missing addend lesson plan, students write subtraction sentences that correspond to addition sentences.
Students show how to solve subtraction problems using manipulative materials and deductive reasoning. They construct subtraction sentences using information from the activity.

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