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Students consider animal migration patterns that have been recently documented in Sudan. They investigate the migratory patterns of animals and discuss how human conflicts and activities affect migratory wildlife populations.
Students examine current events in Sudan and their efforts to prevent another genocide. They identify the roles of different humanitarian organizations in the area. They research the efforts to bring those accused of genocide to justice.
Students work together in groups to discover the situation in Sudan. They discuss what problems arise from helping a foreign country. They answer questions and watch a video as well.
Students examine the crisis in Sudan. They identify the medical situation in the region and discover how they respond to emergencies. They research diseases that are prevalent in the region as well.
Students examine the Darfur crisis. In this current events lesson, students visit selected websites to discover details about the history of Sudan, ethnic cleansing by the Arab Janjaweed militias, and the condition of children caught in conflict.
Students examine the situation in Darfur, Sudan. They research the situation beyond what is seen in the headlines. They compare and contrast the situation in Sudan with the situation in Rwanda years earlier.
Students investigate the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan. They examine the make up of the rebel groups involved in the fighting and the attempts to resolve the conflict.
In this current events worksheet, students analyze political cartoons about the scores of people dying in Sudan. Students respond to 5 talking point questions.
Students investigate what genocide is as well as places that it is found in the 20th century. They trace the history of genocide back to the events that occurred in Sudan's history. Brainstorming ways to prevent the ongoing conflicts and injustices of genocide in the world as well as the United States is covered within this lesson in depth.
Students analyze the genocide in Sudan, and debate the obligations of the international community. They develop and create an action plan to implement a humanitarian project in their school and community to aid the citizens of Darfur.
Students study how increasing numbers of refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan are settling in the Midwest. They explore topics of cross-cultural significance for international refugees and their host communities in order to present at a teach-in.
Students demonstrate their understanding of a book read in class. In this reading comprehension lesson plan, students participate in a process drama led by their teacher in order to demonstrate their understanding of the book "The Lost Boys of Sudan" by Mary Williams.
Students have probably heard about the crisis in Sudan on the news, and this lesson offers them both background and current information (as of August 2004) about the situation in Darfur.
Students may have heard about the crisis in Sudan on the news; this lesson plan offers them both background and current information (as of August 2004) about the situation there.
In this English worksheet, students read "Sudanese Peace, South Sudan Created," and then respond to 47 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 20 matching, and 8 true or false questions about the selection.
Young scholars explore the various groups and organizations involved in the Darfur conflict. Through investigative research, students gain insight into this complex issue.
Learners read an article on Darfur prior to class, discuss the conflict in Darfur, visit a series of websites, and complete a worksheet evaluating the reporting and sources used. They view films on genocide to decide if the Darfur conflict is genocide and the possible responses of the international community and their effects.
Reading comprehension can be fostered in many ways. Learners become informed as the read a New York Times article on the South Sudan, the world's newest nation. They read the article and then answer each of the 12 related questions. 
In this current events worksheet, students analyze a political cartoon about about the state of Sudan. Students then respond to 3 short answer questions.
Students examine the history and current humanitarian crisis occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan. In small groups, they conduct Internet research, answer discussion questions, and present their findings to the class.