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Students grow their own sunflower and create their own sunflower art work. In this sun flower lesson plan, students base their art work after Van Gogh and other artists that used sunflowers.
Students analyze map to determine where most sunflowers are grown in five-state region, and use ArcView and Prairie to Mountain Explorer CD to create Choropleth Map showing number of acres of sunflower seeds harvested in 1992.
Young botanists discover what plants need to grow by listening to a story about a sunflower. The story is embedded in the plan, along with an excellent blackline master that is used to guide seven small groups of learners through their activities as the story is being read to them. While there are many standards listed for language arts, the main focus of this lesson plan is on science.
First graders study sunflower plants and identify its parts. They plant sunflower seeds and watch them grow and make sunflowers out of paper plates and colored paper. They watch videos and visit websites about sunflowers.
Learners skip count with sunflower seeds. In this interdisciplinary lesson, students discuss the history of sunflowers. Learners count by 1's, 2's, and 10's with bags full of sunflower seeds.
Youngsters improve their measuring and counting skills using sunflowers. They view pictures painted by Van Gogh. Everyone works in groups to measure sunflowers and record their findings, and they all use sunflower seeds to create sunflower artwork. Great lesson!
First graders, after assessing how plants grow in relation to light, create models of sunflowers within a game to help them remember their science lesson. In addition, their visual models serve as a demonstration of photo tropism in sunflowers. They also plant sunflower seeds in containers to observe their growth.
Students identify, measure, and graph different characteristics of sunflowers. In this sunflower lesson plan, students collect information about the sunflowers, and write paragraphs about them.
Students study sunflower seeds, food make from sunflower seeds and other uses for the plant. They display the basic steps in planting and growing a sunflower seed. They completed the worksheets that are included.
Students examine sunflowers and discuss the importance of sunflower cooking oil and seeds. They view pictures, read books, sing sunflower songs, and grow flowers from sunflower seeds.
In this sunflower star learning exercise, students read about sunflower stars. They then use what they learned and answer the 18 questions on the page. They need to use a dictionary for one of the sections. The answers are on the last pages.
Students create a still life sunflower painting in the style of Van Gogh. They listen to the story "Camille and the Sunflowers" and consider the use of texture in painting. They create an original painting.
Students discuss expressionism, techniques in art, and sunflowers and create original works of "Sunflower" art in this Art lesson for all levels and abilities. It is suggested to take the class outside to view sunflowers prior to starting the project.
Students demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of the artists who painted sunflowers. They are introduced to the style of expressionism as they discuss and explore the many connections between art and culture.
Students investigate the painting style of Van Gogh by creating a bulletin board with sunflowers on it. This is a creative project that is to be done at the end of a unit of study for plants. Specifically, this is done because of the lack of a real field for observation.
Students create a portrait of sunflowers using construction paper and tempera paint. They complete an assessment in which they pick out a sunflower from a field of flowers.
First graders practice identifying plants by singing a song.  In this plant life lesson, 1st graders sing the song "Parts of a Plant" which is based on the anatomy of sunflowers.  Students discover agriculture techniques while viewing a sunflower video and answering questions in class.
Students explore botany by conducting a sunflower growth experiment. In this plant life lesson, students identify the anatomy of a sunflower plant and the essential nutrients it requires to grow. Students utilize compost, soil, garden spades and water to plant their own sunflower seeds which they observe in the school yard.
In this customized handwriting:  the sunflower is yellow worksheet, 1st graders change the style, font and text, then print the worksheet to practice printing and color the picture of the sunflower.
Students work with and identify the color yellow and who was the painter Vincent van Gogh. They identify van Gogh's painting, "Sunflowers," and identify how van Gogh used wiggly lines and liked to glob on the paint. Students also make reproduction of van Gogh's "Sunflowers," and recognize the yellow in the sunflowers.

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