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Students study European cities and label countries on a map, match cities to countries, and answer true and false questions. In this European cities lesson plan, students also guess the names of cities they see pictures of.
In this capitals of countries worksheet, students write the matching clue number by each capital and then locate and circle/highlight each of the thirty-six capitals in a word search puzzle.
Students read and discuss the vocabulary related to a news article about diplomatic relations between Estonia and Russia. They read the article, define key vocabulary terms, discuss verbs and prepositions, participate in a role-playing activity simulating opposing politicians, and complete a variety of comprehension worksheets.
Seventh graders explore Eastern Europe. They analyze data on select countries. Students prepare a short oral presentation on the country they researched. They locate their country using an interactive map.
In this social studies worksheet students complete a table showing the 25 members of the European Union and their capital cities. Sometimes students must fill in missing countries, other times students provide the capital city.
In this geography worksheet, learners complete a crossword puzzle in reference to the geography of Europe. They identify the capital cities of various countries and the bodies of water which surround specific countries of Europe.
In this geography worksheet, learners fill in twenty-two blanks about European countries. They identify the names of countries, capitals, and mountains.
In this European travel worksheet, students respond to 11 short answer questions that require them to research travel throughout the countries in Europe.
In this European cities activity, 10th graders find the countries of Europe on a map, match countries with capital cities, categorize different types of cities and identify cities from pictures and on a map.
Kids can use these question-style flashcards to practice memorizing states and capitals. There are 10 cards, each includes a question and answer related to the states and capitals of the Soviet Union. 

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