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Students examine and discuss techniques using trigonometric ratios for right triangles. They observe examples of trigonometric ratios, discuss alternative methods for checking their results, and complete a worksheet.
In this math worksheet, students complete the graphic organizers while filling in the missing values by using the trigonometric ratios.
In this Law of Sines worksheet, students use trigonometric ratios to determine angle measurement and/or the length of the side of a triangle. This one-page worksheet contains ten trigonometric ratio problems.
In this trigonometric ratios worksheet, students solve and complete 10 various types of problems. First, they write the degrees listed in radian measure. Then, students find the exact ratios for each equation. They also find the value of x in each triangle and evaluate.
Learners investigate properties of the unit circle using sine, cosine and tangent. They analyze the answers to questions about the unit circle based on a right triangle.
Students play a game based on the unit circle used in trigonometry. In this lesson on the unit circle, students draw a card a perform a given task including measuring degrees, radians, locating coordinates and finding the value of various functions.
Students match points on a unit circle to corresponding angles. In this geometry lesson, students evaluate the six trigonometric values and their angles. Students convert between degrees and radians and find the Cartesian equivalent coordinates.
In this Pre-Calculus worksheet, students solve problems involving angles and the unit circle.  The four page worksheet contains a combination of twenty multiple choice and free response problems.  Answers are provided. 
Students investigate the law of sines and cosines.  In this law of sines and cosines instructional activity, students construct a 3d sketch of a card table.  Students discuss the law of sines and cosines with the teacher.  Students use the law of sines and cosines to help in constructing their card table.  Students research the cost of materials and determine the cost of their card table.
Students solve problems with circles and their properties.  In this geometry lesson, students calcualte the diameter, radius, circumference and area of a circle. They identify the secant and tangent lines. They find the measurements of the chords.
Students calculate the tangent ratio given a right triangle. In this trigonometry lesson, students use a right triangle and the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems.
Eighth graders use trigonometric ratios for finding a missing angle or side of a right triangle. Use of TI-83 calculator is utilized within this lesson plan. Students identify and use the trigonometric ratios to solve problems with right triangles.
In this exploring circles activity, 10th graders solve 155 various types of problems that include exploring circles. First, they determine the circumference of a circle with a radius of the given length. Then, students create circle graphs with the given information. They also determine the measure of various angles and arc of a circle.
In this tangents, secants and chords worksheet, 10th graders identify and solve 48 different problems that include using 3 different theorems for defining circles. First, they determine the area of each circle with C as the center and a given tangent line. Then, students determine the lengths of the given line segments.
Students apply properties of a unit circle to solve triangle problems. In this geometry lesson, students identify the six trigonometric values using the unit circle and the right triangle.
Students identify tangents, chords and secants. In this geometry lesson, students graph circles and identify angles created by secant lines, tangent lines and chords.
Astrolabes have been used by explorers and astronomers throughout the ages. But how exactly do they work and what can a young mathematician do with one today? High schoolers will build a simple version of this tool and then using the altitude, measure the height of various objects. Accompanying worksheets guide learners through different discoveries using their knowledge of similar triangles and trigonometric ratios. 
For this circles worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 20 different problems related to various circles. First, they find the radius and diameter of a circle with a given circumference. Then, students determine the measure of each minor arc of a regular decagon inscribed in a circle.
In this circle learning exercise, students complete 8 problem solving questions regarding circle measurements and angles. Students are asked to show their proofs by using a computer program titled Geometer's Sketchpad.
Students investigate the properties of circles and use it to solve real world situtaions. For this geometry lesson, students solve for the radius and diameter of the cirlce.

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