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Students find the length of the arc of a circle. In this geometry lesson, students calculate the length of an arc and find the measure of the central angle given the length of the arc. They convert between linear and angular speed. They find the distance, given the speed, radius and time.
For this trigonometry worksheet, students solve right triangle problems.  They find the sine, cosine and tangent of given triangles.  This on-line, interactive worksheet contains 6 problems.  Answers are provided.
Students identify the different angles and sides of a triangle. In this geometry lesson, students identify the six trigonometric ratios. They graph the graph of each trig function and analyze it.
Students complete three activities exploring parabolas from geometric definitions. In this geometry lesson, students follow detailed directions to explore parabolas by exploring their relationship to circles.
Eleventh graders explore the three basic trigonometric functions. In this trigonometry/Algebra II lesson, 11th graders use GeoGebra and the unit circle to define the ratios of sides is a right triangles as they examine the full domain for the function. Students switch from measuring angles in degrees to radians.
In this perimeter and area worksheet, students find the perimeter of various polygons.  They compute the perimeter, surface area, circumference, and volume of given figures.  Students explore trigonometric ratios.  This twelve-page worksheet contains detailed notes, examples, and approximately 10 examples with answers.
Sixth graders investigate the magnitudes of the sides and angles of a triangle. They determine the proof of the Sine Rule before using it to solve triangles. They compare the Sine Rule to the Cosine Rule in this unit of lessons.
Eleventh graders investigate the Law of Sines.  In this trigonometry lesson students discover, prove and apply the Law of Sines.   The lesson is designed to be an introduction to the Law of Sines; therefore, the ambigious case is not considered.
Students are able to use given information to calculate missing information. In this trigonometry lesson, students identify the relationship between sine, cosine and tangent graphs. They examine the graphs for zeros and asymptotes.
Tenth graders explore right triangle trigonometry.  In this geometry instructional activity, 10th graders investigate the characteristics and properties of sine, cosine, and tangent as they explore the ratios between two of the segment of a right triangle.    
Students solve problems using trig values. For this trigonometry lesson, students identify the six trigonometric values. They graph the functions of sine, cosine and tangent.
Students are introduced to rockets and the space shuttle program. After viewing a 1960s show, they examine the role and history of NASA and how it evolved into having a space shuttle program. In groups, they create their own model rocket and see if it launches.
Students investigate the properties of inverse functions. In this trigonometry lesson, students write trigonometric equations for given functions. They calculate the inverse using properties of sine, cosine and tangent.
Students study the basic principles of right triangle geometry needed to solve for unknown values of a right triangle. They apply and master the principles of right triangle geometry by solving problems.
Students examine and discuss techniques using trigonometric ratios for right triangles. They observe examples of trigonometric ratios, discuss alternative methods for checking their results, and complete a worksheet.
In this review of trigonometry worksheet, students determine the values of angels using sine, cosine, and tangent.  They determine arc length and find the coordinates of endpoints.  This two-page worksheet contains approximately 70 problems.
Students make calculations in order to construct a kite in the shape of an isosceles right triangle. In this kite lesson students calculate altitude of their flying kites using a formula.
Students identify the different parts of a function. For this trigonometry lesson, students find the midline, amplitude and period of a function. They relate functions of sine, cosine and tangent to the real world.
Students explore right triangles through geometry and trigonometry. Topics include similarity and the geometric mean, the Pythagorean Theorem, special right triangles, trigonometric ratios, and applications of trigonometric ratios.
Students apply their knowledge of sine, cosine and tangent to AC circuit. In this calculus lesson, students relate trigonometry to real world application. They calculate the voltage of an AC unit.  

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